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  1. Frankenstein666

    Need to drop pounds gain endurance and boost RESTING METABOLIC RATE

    Iam open to suggestions here looking for new supplements to get the job done Ive been gone for 3 yrs. Lets get it!
  2. Frankenstein666

    GETTING BACK IN >_< after 3 years of taking it easy!!!

    Hey guys its Big F here. Looking to start a new plan for 20212-2022. Ill post pics amd deets up soon.
  3. Frankenstein666

    Frankenstein gets puffy

    It's going on guys. Running test e tren e sdrol asin for 10 weeks Started running the tren at 350 2x a week . Test at 500 a week. Sd at 20 mgs a day and asin at 12.5 eod . All products from GP . Will be mordo specific on the breakdown and dye it a little later on today but fortunately I got...
  4. Frankenstein666

    Tren test superdrol

    Cycle plans for spring fling dose specifications still undermined as well esters also up for discussion.
  5. Frankenstein666

    Best diet suggestions for an endomorph to lose weight and gain muscle

    I'm looking for help trimming off this extra fat. I know diet and Cardio but I want specific foods that would really kick up the weight loss high-fiber high-protein low-carb low-fat ideas.
  6. Frankenstein666

    New guy to the forums

    Been cycling for yrs just lookin for some advice as im getting older now and want to stay strong .