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  1. Pathadden

    Blood results

    I'm 41 and been running gear on and off for a long time and I am no expert by any means. I have run many compounds but mainly stick to test tren mast. I have run ridiculous amounts and conservative amounts. Just saying that to give background. Now I normally don't check my blood work. I know...
  2. Pathadden

    First order

    Just received my first order. Service was awesome. Easy ordering and quick delivery. I ordered some black tops and they even threw in a couple of extras. Thank you
  3. Pathadden

    Proviron td

    Super fast touch down of proviron delivered thanks to you ass holes talking so good about it... Lol. I will have the wife give a review once it sets in.
  4. Pathadden

    Another td

    Got another td. Placed an order before the sale was over and plan on placing many more. Same service as usual.
  5. Pathadden

    Superdrol log review (calling myself a liar)

    Okay I got my pack containing sbl superdrol Friday. Like every responsible gear head I decided to be patient and wait until I tore the package open to pop 20 mgs to start the addition of SD to my current cycle. Took a 20 mgs sat morning and worked out felt pretty good but probably in my head...
  6. Pathadden

    Deca or something

    Posting this here because you guys are cool. After I finish this test tren and mast cycle I plan on trt dose for a short while and then hitting up a good bulking cycle. Or use bulking compounds with a lean bulk diet. Anynody have any luck with deca. I never really ran or if I have I was in my...
  7. Pathadden

    Another td

    Just got another order from sbl. Went smooth and fast as usual. Small order. Got a bag of viagra and a couple of bags of superdrol. Will be experimenting with the superdrol and I will share my experience.
  8. Pathadden

    Received free gear

    Thank you for sending me 2 free bottles of test prop from the giveaway. Super quick and professional looking labels. Will do business soon.
  9. Pathadden

    Another td

    Just received another td. Boring post because the service is consist evey time. And that's a good thing. Best in the business.
  10. Pathadden

    Coming up short

    This is not aimed at any particular lab because it happens every time for me. I always try to plan but I don't understand why. I'm always short usually my several mls of what I plan and order. I must be constantly measuring wrong. I know you use the very front part of the stopper on the plunger...
  11. Pathadden

    Protein powder

    I want to do an up to date protein powder thread. I use to order from impact protein but the price has doubled lately. I have been using mutant iso and dymatize iso. Can any body reccemend a good place to buy or even a more affordable option. Just looking for ideas from my brothers here.
  12. Pathadden

    Melontan 2 users

    I have changed races from my waste up using mt2. My legs won't tan. I have been using indoor tanning lotion on my legs when I tan and they have a little color but way behind. Is there any tips and tricks that will help me out.
  13. Pathadden

    Progress picture

    I posted this same picture in another forum. I do not mention other sources in the section of the source I am posting in. I have to post this picture here as well because I have to credit SB labs for being responsible for my progress as well so far. I am using SB test enanthate and swapping out...
  14. Pathadden

    Gc products at work

    Usually mostly gc gear. I bulked really hard so the fat is coming of slowly but I am making steady progress.
  15. Pathadden

    Another TD

    Just received another touchdown with the same awesome communication and delivery. I went with some of the tren ace mast blend since I got a stock pile of test to add to it. Thank you for the excellent service yet again.
  16. Pathadden

    Pt 141

    I tried posting this in the research section but for some reason only the title part shows up for new thread. Anyway I have researched pt 141 and would like to use it on my wife for increased libido for her. I didn't really find any good information on dosage. Does anyone have any input who has...
  17. Pathadden

    2nd td from sbl

    Placed another order as soon as I got the first. Same top level service. This time I ordered some of the 50 mg anavar, cialis, and halo. I like the way the tabs are made so far. By that I mean they split cleanly because they are harder. Some of the other ones I get you got to be gentle with the...
  18. Pathadden

    First order td

    Just got my first ever order from sbl. I got the 10 bottle December test special. Guys first off his customer service and communication cannot be beat by anyone. It's almost like your texting him when you send an email he responds so quickly. The package was top notch and arrived quickly. The...
  19. Pathadden


    I was just wondering if anyone has used the injectables from IL and how did they like them? I ordered some orange tops from them before and was very pleased. I see many reviews for the hgh but not for the injectables. I am not trying to be disrespectful just asking for honest reviews or...
  20. Pathadden

    Sale td landed

    Got my order super fast. Got some tri blend, test e, winstrol, and some anavar, and arimidex. For once in my life I want to display my masterpiece for spring.