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  1. Cyclops2

    Injectable msten and halodrol

    So I recently found a source for injectable msten, sdrol, and halodrol of all things. I'm curious to hear what your thoughts on any of these compounds would be in their injectable form. Also I recently found out that my liver is compromised so orals are kind of out of the picture for me now. I'm...
  2. Cyclops2


    Is the oral trest prohormone still around? And has anyone ever ran it and if so what were your results? I know it's probably a dumb question but I'm curious about trest becuase I've read alot of good things. I know I can just get the oil off a sponsor but for some reason id rather go with the...
  3. Cyclops2

    Gyno question

    I've been cycling since 20, I'm 25 now. Basically just test e 500mg a week, I've used deca once and tbol a few times which always gave me great results. In the past I've always had to use adex at .5 eod at a minimum to keep my nips from becoming puffy and sore. My question is this time around...