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  1. radcock

    Tren virgin

    Good evening iron brothers hope everyone is staying kool I'm This hot af weather. Anyone ever ran winny w low dose tren a? Is there any aas like tren? I've done 4 cycles over 2 years. Bulk, cut ,bulk, cut. I've ran deca and npp is it similar in the way they feel? Just curious. Thanks in advance...
  2. radcock


    Afternoon iron brothers. Anyone experienced nausea while on trt dose My cycle at the moment Test c 250 week Npp 200 week Primo 600 week And just started anavar oral 50mg day It's almost feels like I have an ulcer The same thing happened last summer any help would be appreciated. My appetite...
  3. radcock

    Test suspension

    Good evening iron brothers. I recently got some and it's water based. It's liquid is white which I wasn't expecting it was a freebe. Anyone done it pre workout? Heard it can be a painful pip Ty in advance Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
  4. radcock

    Melanotan spray

    Good morning iron brothers. Has anyone tried the spray?
  5. radcock

    Spray reviews

    Morning iron brothers Anyone used melanotan 2 spray? What was your experience? Bad sides? Thanks in advance
  6. radcock

    Cut diet

    Afternoon iron brothers What's the best ratio for cutting? Ty in advance
  7. radcock

    Carrier oil

    ethyl oleate. Evening iron brothers Any of yall experience worst than usual pip with? I got some primo E 200 with eo on it. I did 200mg mon and still have a small knot. Thanks in advance
  8. radcock

    Summer cycle

    Good evening iron brothers..so I'm tired of thinking about it and it's almost time. Here's my lay out. suggestions and advice needed. I'm currently on trt test c 200 a week & plan on staying after this blast so cruising. Week 1-20: 400mg week primo e mon,wed,fri Week 8: 50mg winny a day oral...
  9. radcock

    Blood work

    Good evening iron brothers. What exactly do I look for in my blood work? I know a little about hdl and ldl, liver enzymes and test. Just say I have some concerns about the legitimacy of my source. What do I look for in the work? Also anyone ever heard of sarms elevating liver enzymes? I'm...
  10. radcock


    What's the best overall size gauge to use for pinning? I'm using 23g. Just aas nothing else.
  11. radcock


    Evening iron brothers again I recently scored some Primo E 2 vials the color in the vials is more clear than my test. Actually I've never seen any aas look like clear almost like water, but idk thought my source was legit idk. Anyone else seen this? Ty in advance
  12. radcock

    Side effect shoulder acne

    Hello again iron brothers. I hate to best a dead horse and I've done some researching on the internet but wanted to ask yall specifically bc I value ur opinions more than other. Any advice on how to reduce acne on my shoulders? It isn't bad enough for accutane i believe. This may not be in the...
  13. radcock

    Job and cycle

    Evening iron bro's. I'm home for 3 weeks til I go back up north an work an outage. I'm currently on a trt dose cycle. I have some left over drol tabs. Would it be worth it to run them for 3 weeks with my test dose as low as it is. It's at 250-300 per week. Ty in advance
  14. radcock


    Good evening iron brothers...I'm thinking of getting my feet wet in GH. What's the best type to do? Is it worth the cost? Ty in advance
  15. radcock

    Bp meds

    Anyone get headaches from lisinopril? Thought it was a blood pressure headache but my BP is pretty good 130 over 80
  16. radcock

    Winstrol oral vs depot

    I've done oral before. I love winny personally. My source offers oil winny and water based winny. I've heard they leave a pip especially the water based. I've also heard the depot is faster acting. Opinions? Thank you brothers
  17. radcock

    Hair support

    Anyone tried or taking finastride currently? Does it work? Is it worth it? Ty in advance
  18. radcock


    I've heard that primo is really good if it's legit and ran at high doses...also that bayer is the best. If I can't get Bayer primo will it even be worth it? Yes I know it's expensive and I know it's probably the most faked.. Any feedback? Thank u
  19. radcock


    Good morning iron brothers I have a urine test the 24th this month I haven't smoked in 5 months. I smoked yesterday and today. And supplements I can take? I plan on weight training and doing more cardio. Within the next 2 in a half weeks. Thanks in advance
  20. radcock


    Good afternoon peeps. Anyone done inj anavar? I did oral back in the summer like it but gave me terrible back pumps mixing it with winny. That was a nice ass cycle last summer. Deca 200mg week. Winny 30mgs var 30mgs day. Test c 300 week. Clen 2 a day for the 3days then 3days off. I liked great...