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  1. Tysbra

    Athletes dropping from heart issues this year...

    Who gives a shit? Dead retards who can’t say no. Haha
  2. Tysbra

    Female on my hands

    I’ve tried my best to help her. A younger girl at my gym. She puts in work, performs a lot of movements correctly. I can only assume her diet is in a caloric deficit. She asked my help. I don’t wanna lead her down the the primrose path... she either has genetic or more serious thyroid issues. Am...
  3. Tysbra

    Tren cough without the tren?

    What you are describing happened once to me. trt dose test. Took a two hour long shower with essential oils just breathing in warm mist. Went away.
  4. Tysbra

    BANG ENERGY Cures Incurable Diseases!

    Oh what’s the other one? liquid death water? where you sign over your soul for a free case? Everyone is gay now unfortunately.
  5. Tysbra

    FERAL Editing posts in their forum

    I still have like a mountain of hammer gear that I’m scared to use. After reading what happened to cheap, hahah. It was 75% off tho!
  6. Tysbra

    Flash Loves Bitcoin

    Anything left to give out? Welcome to asf.
  7. Tysbra

    Post music that’s yor feeling.

    Samhain- In my grip
  8. Tysbra

    Horny sex pill?

    PipingRock has a lot of good all natural supps. I have tried a few. Some ok results. The ones I use usually use all have the same maca/horny goat weed/ tribulus combo going on.
  9. Tysbra

    Amino Asylum AND their MK-677 reviews

    Love everything I ever gotten from amino asylum. GHRP-6 and Melanotan2 are with-out a doubt g2g. Same with the ligandrol.
  10. Tysbra

    who remembers their first cycle

    first cycle I bought from a family memeber. 4 bottles of test and two pins, i beleive were 18g looking back, I know they were large. . Changes were fast and furious. My diet was fucked so yeah, use your imagination as to what my bf% was by the end. I was bending the needles back straight so I...
  11. Tysbra

    help OnTopYaGirl85 : auction n°2

    160 I hope you get back to where you were. Good luck brother.
  12. Tysbra

    Jay is coming!!!!!

    Man, I wish I was going this year... Going to be a stacked line-up.
  13. Tysbra

    Myostatin vaccine

    Yeah, I'am down for this when its available!!! I heard this similiar to what the camel crew in kuwait are giving their guys.
  14. Tysbra

    Levrone in May

    Your are not the only, but we will see. Age is not on his side. He is doing his typical growing into the show like he has done in the past. I met kevin in vegas 2002 2 days before the Olympia and I was blown away. Just asthetic as hell, could see it even while he was wearing an oversized...
  15. Tysbra

    New website!! Check it out

    yep, works now. hmmm weird.
  16. Tysbra

    New website!! Check it out

    anyone else having trouble logging in? Ive been trying periodically all day.
  17. Tysbra

    any dippers out there?

    it really is. Ive been so fucking mad at myself. Make it personal to your self and quit.
  18. Tysbra

    any dippers out there?

    been dipping since I was 14 years old. I will never quit. ever. Not that i use shit as a crutch, but lost my brother and dad at a young age and... fuck, I dunno life is too short. Pin and dip. Fuck it.