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  1. Bluntson

    Big shout out to ldog and the GC crew.

    This is why I'm a GC man for life. A little thing we call respect. Last order, made before XMAS, didn't show up. I contacted ldog and made him aware of the issue. Within a day or two the big man contacted me, and said somehow my order had slipped thru the cracks. No big deal its the holidays...
  2. Bluntson

    Quick shout out to the GC crew.

    Just wanted to say thanks again. I've made a couple dozen orders now and always on point. Grabbed a bunch of test cyp. and some tren. Best outfit in the business.
  3. Bluntson

    Yet another TD

    Just wanted to say thanks again to the GC crew. Another successful td in the books. Grabbed some more deca, tpp/npp/mastp blend, nolva, test cyp. On a personal note I just started a light cutting cycle. All GC gear. Test cyp (600/week), EQ (600/week), Mast E (400/week). Never ran GC eq, so im...
  4. Bluntson

    Halloween TD + pic.

    Nice little TD arrived. Needed more hcg, cialis, and proviron. Figured I'd grab a couple bottles of pt-141 and a pack of viagra while I'm at it. Had some trouble with customs. I messaged the PSL team and rep Vision about it. They quickly got a reship out, no questions asked. Always great...
  5. Bluntson

    Another quick shoutout to GC crew.

    Here's the deal. Me and the boys have made around 10 orders alone during this neverending 20% off sale. Always on time, always on point. But this last time, there was a mixup.. Oh fuck, those bottles dont say Cypionate, they say Enanthate. Normally I'd be tripping. Thinking.. I'm just gonna...
  6. Bluntson

    Amino Asylum Trestolone Ace td + pics.

    Just got in a couple bottles of the AA Trest. They have been a good source for aminos, peptides, sarms, etc.. I would highly recommend them. I believe our super mod WesleyInman is a rep for them as well. Honestly I'm suprised they aren't already a sponsor here alongside Recon. Really fantastic...
  7. Bluntson

    Shoutout out to the GearChurch crew.

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a big Thank You to the GC team. Me and the boys have made at least 6 orders during this last sale, and every one has turned out perfect and landed at the door in record time. Gear is always bomb. Cialis and Proviron are right up there with the best pharma I've had...
  8. Bluntson

    Small TD + pic.

    Needed a couple things for after this current blast. Stoked about the accutane! Time to finally kick this bacne once and for all. Great service. No fuss. Good turnaround time for being across the pond. Thanks again Steroidify.
  9. Bluntson

    Small PSL TD + pic.

    I was short some HCG and cialis for this current test/deca blast. I've been a loyal Z fan for years, but I thought it time I give PSL a fair shot. The shipping was very secure and timely. No issues. I love the EP brand and I can definately say the EP HCG is the best on the market IMO. 250iu...
  10. Bluntson

    Another Z touchdown. Test + Tren base.

    These guys are a class act all the way. We had some trouble with shipping. Long story short the package got sucked up in the hurricane and is now mostly likely in the land of OZ. Not only did they reship, but they threw in a 50 pack of EP dbol for the wait. The EP aqua tren base is the bomb...
  11. Bluntson

    First GC touchdown + pic

    Loving this source so far. Fast. Great communication over email. TPP/NPP blend. Stoked.
  12. Bluntson

    TD + gear porn.

    Service and t/a with Z is awesome. Had a small hiccup which they were quick to help out with. Looks like its gonna be a good summer :winkfinger: Thanks again Team Z. Old style cialis on the right, new cialis on the left. Looks like the same press just white this time instead of yellow. I...
  13. Bluntson

    Old Newbie

    Hey guys. I had signed up over at IML forums and was told this is a sister forum. So here I am. Glad to be here.