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  1. CastorTroy01

    Bruised/Damaged/Swollen Gyno?

    The other day I was unloading some stuff out of the back of my pickup and sorta smashed my right nipple up against the side of the bed of my truck. I have some old dormant gyno but nothing crazy. I didn’t think much of it but then yesterday it was swollen and painful. I haven’t been having a...
  2. CastorTroy01

    Tren dosage for distance runner

    I’m getting more and more into long distance, endurance running and hoping to compete in a marathon sometime this summer. Having said that, I want to retain mass and keep my alpha feelz going. What do you guys think the optimal tren dosage is for both retaining an alpha male, chiseled physique...
  3. CastorTroy01

    Experience with gyno surgery? Recovery time?

    The title says it all. This is the first time I've ever ran 500mg test with no AI and I feel great. Sex drive is great (not deviant but good), making better than usual strength gains and no acne (which is rare for me) or bloating. But... the nips are a little sensitive AGAIN. I'm not using an...
  4. CastorTroy01

    The Jimmy John’s of AAS

    These boyz are freaky fast. Packaging and everything looked clean as can be and so far the gear is smooth. I’ve upped from 120mg/wk of pharma test c to 500mg/wk SB test c with 100mg/wk SB Deca and 400mg/wk primo depot from another source and I’ve gained about 6 lbs of water in just under 2...
  5. CastorTroy01

    Clinic TRT while on self prescribed TRT

    Has anyone ever approached a clinic about TRT while on self-prescribed TRT and just been honest about wanting to do it under medical supervision vs. on your own? I don’t see the point of tanking your levels for an arbitrary test level number when everyone knows you’re suppressed and your levels...
  6. CastorTroy01

    Bill Cosby Ordered To Be Released From Prison

    Bill Cosby's sex assault conviction overturned - BBC News What's the ASF community's take on this??? Personally, I feel like the guy is kind of a piece of shit, same as Harvey Weinstein, but sexual assault allegations have a statute of limitations for a reason. If a woman gets raped or...
  7. CastorTroy01

    Bullshit Martial Arts

    I forgot about these ridiculous demonstrations...https://www.reddit.com/r/ufc/comments/o7n2un/dana_sign_this_master_up_asap/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 If you guys see any other similar videos any where PLEASE post them up. I love them so much. They're hilarious!
  8. CastorTroy01

    Reputation Deserved

    2nd TD just landed. Lightning fast yet again. GC runs one hell of an operation. #best source ever
  9. CastorTroy01

    Free Speech Infringement

    Another day, another story about people's right to speak their mind being infringed upon...Canada to Make Online Hate Speech a Crime Punishable by $16,000 Fine (gizmodo.com) Granted, this is not the US, but they are our neighbor to the North and aren't much different than we are. Lol and this...
  10. CastorTroy01

    Logan Paul / Jake Paul Situation

    Does anybody else think that what these two have got going on is absolutely hilarious? These guys are basically professional heels on an absolutely huge level who have now took up boxing and just go around pissing off professional fighters, tricking everybody into paying money to hopefully see...
  11. CastorTroy01

    YK-11 Experience?

    Anybody here have any first hand experience with this? Especially the injectable version? There’s really not much info floating around about this one as I’m sure some of you guys are aware. I know I’ve seen some mention of it here and there on here but my searches aren’t really coming up with...
  12. CastorTroy01

    Ellen Page

    Ellen Page wasted no time in getting her tits chopped off but I think the most ridiculous part is these fake abs... Maybe with her new chiseled physique she can have her own Marvel franchise? Maybe she could even star in the upcoming Black Panther sequel??? I like it!
  13. CastorTroy01

    Pulled Abdominal Muscle

    Has anybody else here ever pulled an ab before? Somehow I managed to do it about a week ago and tbh I don't think it's ever happened to me, it creates sort of a stabbing pain when I move a certain way. It doesn't seem very serious and only hurts when I DIRECTLY activate that part of my core so...
  14. CastorTroy01


    Does anybody do any foraging for mushrooms or ramps or anything? I love to do it when I have time and I have some pretty killer spots. The first pic is my ramp spot (it’s like 2 football fields) and the second one is a spot where I get watercress. Both of these are on my mother in laws...
  15. CastorTroy01

    Today's a Full Moon

    So I'm about 4 nonsensical arguments into my day already and I figured I would google when the full moon and sure enough it was last night. Has anybody else ever had this experience? If not, you actually probably have and just never noticed. Any time you wake up and you remember having very...
  16. CastorTroy01

    Thanks Gear Church!!!

    Just received all of the goods from my first order with GC and I'm 100% satisfied with everything! It was a fairly large order and he sent me a fuck ton of freebies. It's safe to say that GC has earned himself yet another lifer here.
  17. CastorTroy01

    Joe Biden and his Gimp (Pete Buttgieg) halt Texas DOT project, cuz Racism!

    This makes a lot of sense if you don't think about it...Joe Biden DOT Halts Texas Highway Project Using Civil Rights Act (breitbart.com) Hell, let's just shut everything down because of racism, and if that doesn't work, let's shut it down because of COVID. "Build Back Better" must actually be...
  18. CastorTroy01

    Should I take the plunge?

    So I’ve been juicing pretty hard for about the last year or two almost non-stop. Test at about 750mg, tren ace on and off and a steady dose of superdrol, mostly for the skin-tone effects. Anyways I think I’ve finally got myself to a place where I should cut back my alcohol consumption and start...
  19. CastorTroy01

    2024 Presidential Election

    I just saw this article and it made me think we should start taking stabs at how the next presidential election plays out... https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/03/22/donald-trump-names-ron-desantis-josh-hawley-ted-cruz-rand-paul-sarah-sanders-kristi-noem-future-of-republican-party/amp/...
  20. CastorTroy01

    More self-enforced discrimination

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/columbia-university-graduation-ceremonies-income-race-ethnicity.amp Another ridiculous idea concocted by the communi... er I mean liberal left. Martin Luther King Jr is probably doing barrel rolls in his grave right about now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk