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  1. B-Roll81

    Help with labs

    I want to start running consistent labs but don’t know where to start. Is there a easy process for a cash payor to order labs (online doctor for example) and get done at spots like Quest Diagnostics etc? Also what do I test for? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. B-Roll81

    New to hgh question

    I went ahead and grabbed some MonsterLabs. Haven't started yet. I am currently stacking the following: dbol Test Sus Deca What's the word on amount & frequency while ON and OFF cycle? I've contemplating HGH for a long time and want to kick it off. What I got does seem to be pharm grade but...
  3. B-Roll81

    What should i test for 1st time doing bloodwork?

    I've never really done bloodwork other than what my PCP would order for checkups. Now that Gear is going to be a part of of life moving forward in some pretty much at all times, what would be a good comprehensive test for Gear purposes and overall health? What would you guys suggest?
  4. B-Roll81

    HGH Question

    Based on information I have so far I'm thinking about running HGH ongoing. My thought on dosage is during cruise take 2 iu's daily (1iu in the am and 1 iu pm) for overall health benefits and when it comes time to blast, up the dose to 8 iu's per day. Am I on track with this or any suggestions...
  5. B-Roll81

    CLOMID concern

    Never took clomid before and took my first dose (50mg). Caused uncontrollable shaking. Hands and legs. Anyone experienced this before?
  6. B-Roll81

    Anyone done anything with AAS PHARMACY

    I couldn’t find any helpful info on this source
  7. B-Roll81

    Anadrol, Dbol or Superdrol???

    Any recommendations for first 4 weeks of bulking stack?
  8. B-Roll81

    First Big Boy CYCLE

    This is my starting point plan. Please give an advice you have to offer or just a thumbs up if approved. Couple things on thought process would be changing esters each trimester, slowly integrating HGH, adding IGF-1 to enhance HGH 4 weeks on 4 weeks off to keep balanced, introducing T4 in 2nd...
  9. B-Roll81

    MONSTERLABS update

    First time with Monster. Good experience so far. Got a little concerned after initial order and no confirm after 5 days but for anyone new, just pm GGG. His communication is excellent. Touchdown on goods. Will create a new post with cycle plans for advice for a newbie and will get bloodwork...
  10. B-Roll81

    My starting point

    Joined a couple days ago and realized I didn’t really give a baseline for me to reference back to or for others to understand what may or may not help. Here’s a little about where I am today: - 40 yrs old - Done a handful of cycles (3-4) starting with a Dbol only yeaaaars ago then the others...
  11. B-Roll81

    Help with MONSTERLABS

    Anyone have issues with them? First time everything for me and chose them. Did my part and now no communication or confirmation. Any feedback or assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  12. B-Roll81

    How do I direct message?

    I have commented/ posted 10x already
  13. B-Roll81

    Just joined the Family

    Going to share all info I can about my first experience. Any feedback related to my chosen friend Monsterlabs would be very much appreciated!