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  1. Bigshow300

    Ex wrestler/entertainer and new to BOP

    What's up guys, just joined ASF a few months ago and can't remember if I even formally introduced myself. Was recently posting a intro on another forum so I thought I'd do the same here. Been in the entertainment business as a fitness model, wrestler, actor, etc for 20 years. You probably know a...
  2. Bigshow300

    Get big bulk cycle - What’s your advice for me? Your opinion?

    Getting ready to go on my first bulk cycle in over 10 years and been training for 20 years total. For the past 10+ years I usually just eat good, train hard and stay on a TRT dose of 200-250mg/week. From time to time I’d up it to maybe a total of 750mg/wk and add Tren, or clen/T3 when I lean...
  3. Bigshow300

    New member, experienced user

    Good morning everyone. Got turned onto this forum by a friend. I'm an experienced user and student of the game. Looking forward to learning and helping our community.