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    Remedy for dry joints

    Any recommendations for dry joints?
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    Weakened Immune System on Cycle

    I did some research and found some sources saying the immune system is weakened while on cycle and even with just exogenous testosterone. Anyone experience this and what would you all recommend to combat this? Have you been successful or seen results with specific supplements?
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    Donating blood intervals

    How often and when would you recommend donating blood? Bloodwork results seems the most logical signal but also even if they come back good, after a long period it seems like a good idea. Also, has anyone experienced any physical symptoms that led to them getting blood work/donating blood?
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    Injection site rotation

    I have used the same injection site and have never felt the need to rotate. Anyone using the same injection site for multiple years? At what point is there a need to rotate? Pros cons? I imagine it becomes necessary when you start injecting larger amounts.
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    Best for mass and low mental sides?

    Have done research for many years and it seemed Dbol was what I wanted, tried and true for many years, some say it makes them feel amazing, others aggressive. I’m wondering if there is something new or alternatives. My main concern are mental sides and mood swings. I am naturally lean so...
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    Liquid clomiphene directions.

    Aside from dosage, is there anything particular to know about taking liquid clomiphene from the dropper for a first time user? Is it sublingual?
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    New here

    Hey everyone, New here, 20 years lifting all natural and now am ready to cycle for the first time. Been reading for awhile but ready to start.