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    Nand blend

    Tried to look into this a bit, not many educated answers. I’ve seen a nice Nandro blend offered by a few sponsors . I’ve got some NPP left over, not enough for a full cycle though. Better to kick start a Deca cycle with it or sprinkle 30mgs or so eod on top of the Deca once it’s rollin? Or just...
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    Any feedback on the anadrol ?

    Anybody gave ASL drol a run?
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    ASL Breakfast

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    EQ TD!

    Customer service is top notch, shipping was incredibly fast. Oil is crystal clear and 0 pip to speak of, ASL gets 2 thumbs up from me. There will be many more orders to come ! Thanks ASL
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    D’s Log

    I’ve really enjoyed these logs on this forum, I’ve learned a lot from everyone here. There are a lot of extremely impressive physiques on some very knowledgeable gentlemen. Getting free advice and first hand knowledge is not something I personally take for granted. I’ve hit a sticking point...
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    Story Time, worth a read

    Damn horror show I’ve been watching got my memory fired up. I’ve only told a couple people this story. Mainly because I left my girlfriend (now wife) before this happened for this person. So naturally I’m not going to bring up any past bullshit and have to hear that shit all night . Anyways, 1st...
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    I’m a big time dog guy. Especially pitbulls, I’ve got a huge soft spot for them. Most misunderstood animal on this earth. I’ve got 5 dogs at home, all inside dogs and they are spoiled rotten. I’m in the hood everyday and every night with my job . I came across these wild ass cats in some...
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    Anybody gave ASL nandrolone or EQ a go?
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    Editing image size to post pics

    How are you fellas downsizing the photo to post or add to your logs . I’m mentally challenged when it comes to these damn phones . Tells me files too large
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    I was reading CastorTroys comment on the delta thread and he mentioned salvia . I’d like to hear any of y’all’s stories about your trip if you’ve tried it . I remember my buddy saying hey you can buy this shit at the smoke shops and it’s color coordinated based on strength. I believe black was...
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    Packaging is really nice, oil looks crystal clear. Shipping was quick. Will have to check out some fast ester stuff and report back. Wife rolled her eyes when she saw the free cialis sample, she knows what time it is. Nice little promo, hope things go well for ASL
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    Summer cut

    Been pushing heavy on food And weights for over year no brakes. I was listening to a fella talk about cutting and rebound growth . How important do you think that is for optimal growth ? Ive never really taken body fat too low just for ego reasons I guess. Resetting insulin sensitivity and the...
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    Anyone give the EQ a go?

    Tons of DHB experience but never EQ. What benefit would lower dose (200mg) have . Usually only see it 300mg+
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    How often do you deadlift?

    I know some of you older farts on here probably gave the deadlift up a while ago, maybe not . How often do you guys pull from the floor ?
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    My father needs advice, I’m not the one to give it to him

    My pops is 60, hes a couple inches above 6 ft. Low body fat, built like marisol . Pops has always been a beast. Daily lifting. He’s built better than most 20-30 year olds . He goes to trt clinic, was getting 280 every 7 days. Now they ship it to him and he’s doing 140 every 4 days . His level is...
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    Another TD

    SB will not disappoint, every order is flawless and customer service is unrivaled. No more crossing your fingers hoping your pack shows up in the next year. Tracking for orders in 24 hours, and crazy fast touchdown time.
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    Losing feelz in back

    I’ve really focused hard on putting mass on my back this year. I’ve done a pretty good job at doing so . Now I’m losing connection in my romboids and middle back . Lats and biceps just take over . I train at home . DB rows, Tbar rows, Bent rows, rack pulls, few pull ups, bench seal rows at...
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    What happened to platinum ?

    Not seeing them on board anymore
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    Anybody faint while in operating room?

    My daughter was born this morning, 3rd kid. Slept about 3 hours and headed to the hospital. Usually I eat a ton for breakfast. Since we had to be there at 4:30am I skipped breakfast thinking I could find some time to eat something that didn’t happen . My 2 boys were c sections, mother in law...
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    Was enjoying the “First Big Boy Cycle” thread and CompoundLifts31 mentions Test/Deca/EQ cycle . I’ve read many different opinions about EQ and Deca together . A lot of complaints of libido being destroyed . Nandrolone does take my sex drive away. I’ve never tried EQ. I know Max has mentioned...