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    Prayers for REHH and His Wife..

    REHH a little late to this also but sure hope you and your woman turned the good corner
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    Welcome..A.font4o1 Back..!!

    Late but welcome back A F 401...super helpful dude on this board
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    I'd read about DOMS lessening with L-Carnitine and this week I was just wondering since it's my first go around with the stuff hmmm, am I having any benefits? Especially after all the pinning. Can't say I have noticed any weight loss either. But this week I did two very traumatic tough...
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    Tired after donating?

    Have you been donating frequently or not often?
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    I guess maybe its not for MPB... But some of the result pictures of people who grew their hair back. Wow. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10916909/Drug-treat-alopecia-condition-famous-Jada-Pinkett-Smith-approved-FDA.html
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    Wow...so when are we able to get our hands on this stuff? After 36 weeks, 40 percent on the higher dose grew 80 percent of their hair back. I guess one question would be would this ever become underground? And if not, I'm sure the formula closely held, I'm guessing the prices would be...
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    You got knocked the ___ out!

    Seems it was clear self defense. The guy was clearly bouncing from one attack to another and got what was coming to him.
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    Tired after donating?

    Happened to me once after my first few donations. First couple I was great then suddenly my 3rd or 4th, the next day I hit rock-bottom. It was awful. I read after 3 donations in a year a male's iron could get low. So I checked it and my ferritin level was like 7. I think normal low is 35 or so...
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    Hmmm... No thread about (believed) Trumper that killed blacks in Buffalo?

    He is clearly a racist mental case. Plenty of these emotionally disturbed on both sides
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    Hmmm... No thread about (believed) Trumper that killed blacks in Buffalo?

    There are racists on both sides. Anyone that doesn't realize that is an idiot. Here is Kamala buying a book on white rage. Kamala Harris kisses husband Doug Emhoff with her mask ON
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    No One Wants to Work in Biden's America

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    Why is There a Baby Formula Shortage?

    This Administration has no clue
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    Biden amendments hand over US sovereignty to W.H.O.

    It's scary where these idiots want to take us.
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    Doomed, in addition to dragonslayer01's question, how do you make B12 injections? How often? I have done some research that there is such a thing as too much also. How to know you need B12? Blood tests? Interested in the MIC as well.
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    MT2 Nausea Solutions?

    They say some people are way more sensitive than others. Try 50 mcg per day for 2 days, then 100 mcg per day for 2 days, then 150, 200... You can either mix more Bac water in a different vial or continue to use the one you have. 0.01 cc = 33 0.02 cc = 66 0.03 cc = 99 And so on... If can't do...
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    IronLion Sale on Raws

    Everything I have ordered has been top notch.
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    Good info and great thread. I made 166 ml last night following your recipe above but adjusting for the quantity. Same 600 mg / ml
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    Gonaderelin vs. Gonadotropin

    This is true. I'm interested in what was the reasoning for the reclassification. Surprised not many have replied here yet. I have not talked to my TRT doc yet but over chat and on the phone with an assistant they are trying to get me to switch to gonaderelin and no longer offering HCG. I have...
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    Test Peak

    I looked a thousand times before so don't know why I never found it. Gave up I guess. Looked again today. I guess for test prop it takes 14 to 18 hours to peak in your system after injection.