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  1. CastorTroy01

    Stop being an idiot?

    I’m not religious at all but every time I have this discussion with people I always botch the same quote; “Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
  2. CastorTroy01

    Where did you meet your SO

    This among other things wrecked my parents marriage. My uncle has managed to do it but I would never dare attempt it.
  3. CastorTroy01

    Where did you meet your SO

    Damn bro, got me by a year. 9th grade biology class was the first time I laid eyes on my little beauty. First day in a new school.
  4. CastorTroy01

    Ray Liotta Dead at 67, Passed in His Sleep in Dominican Republic

    Yeah this actually upset me today. He was awesome. It’s not one his best known roles but he was convincing and intimidating as shit in The Place Beyond the Pines.
  5. CastorTroy01

    Flying with gear. Domestically

    Haha damn bro. Just put it in your car and drive down the road. The only words of caution I’d give you is don’t do it at 2 am, shitfaced, or if you have a swastika tattooed on your forehead, cover it up. Why would anybody think that you’re doing something illegal? Lol you’re just some dude...
  6. CastorTroy01

    Flying with gear. Domestically

    Yep I did this last year and basically just did what’s described above. Soak the vials in hot water and the labels come right off. Get the little medical carrier thing and chuck it in your checked luggage.
  7. CastorTroy01

    Who’s tried the blue tops?

    2 months later and I swear by these mofos. I dropped down to only 2 IUs a day and I’m not carrying an ounce of fat on my stomach. I’m only on 250 test cyp/50 deca weekly right now but the GH makes it seem like I’m on 500 test/800 primo. Recovery is good and keeping bf low is completely...
  8. CastorTroy01

    1st cycle lets be real

    Yessir I agree on all counts. People who sit up on their pedestal and fingerwag about it are just being gatekeeping assholes. It’s pretty transparent imho.
  9. CastorTroy01

    1st cycle lets be real

    Not before but I did do during and after.
  10. CastorTroy01


    I got mine out about 12 years ago. The scarring is pretty hard to see now. It was laparoscopic surgery. I was couch bound for about a week and developed a physical dependency to Percocet lol. I nipped it in the bud immediately but I needed to ween myself off for a few days. Biggest thing for...
  11. CastorTroy01

    Rate my tits

    I can see a little bit there but it’s no worse than what I have. It looks fine dude and I wouldn’t even see it if I didn’t know what to look for. Stop worrying about it, literally nobody would notice this.
  12. CastorTroy01

    The Real Effects of a Mild Steroid Cycle

    Lol were the old days like last month? I’m pretty sure everybody still says that. Or maybe I’m just outta the loop. Who knows.
  13. CastorTroy01

    Michael chandler

    Lol I said the exact same thing when he walked out. They all are in USADA though. He’s either a smooth criminal or a genetic freak.
  14. CastorTroy01

    Netflix Reviews and Recommendations

    I just watched 8mm for the first time in probably 25 years and it’s like I remembered it. Very dark. It’s a great movie though.
  15. CastorTroy01

    State Trooper Busted

    Yep throw him in jail. And don’t forget to send your kids to the military so they can fight for corporat… I mean freedom. Legalize smack, baby killing, pedophilia and whatever else, but if you take exogenous hormones then you’ll be dealt with.
  16. CastorTroy01

    Guess what went out for testing

  17. CastorTroy01

    Bruised/Damaged/Swollen Gyno?

    Yeah for sure. I think like most things it’s probably a number of factors that led to it. Maybe the hormone fluctuation in conjunction with the physical stimulation just set it off. Who knows. Endocrinology hardly seems like an exact science. Fortunately, I’m not a dumbass and I always have...
  18. CastorTroy01

    Bruised/Damaged/Swollen Gyno?

    I wasn’t taking any AI at all when I was on 500. So if anything my estrogen should’ve just went down…
  19. CastorTroy01

    Bruised/Damaged/Swollen Gyno?

    I’ve had issues with it before and I’ve been taking Nolva, Ralox and a little Aromasin since it happened to try to help myself as much as possible. It’s just weird that it would happen now after I reduced my test from 500 to 250 like 3 weeks ago. Do you think the physical stimulation triggered...