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    TD, thanks to the guys at Uncle Z!
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    How do you guys control your blood pressure while on cycle

    I've never had an issue before with my blood pressure on a cycle but this time I'm running hot. Anything I can do or take besides going and getting blood pressure meds from a doctor.
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    No Joke

    I been meaning to log some of my experience with Uncle Z's Test and Injec D-bol cycle I'm currently on. This is my first time even attempting to log I'm running EP Test E 250mg @ 750mg split into two shots a week and EP Gold Injec D-bol 50mg @ 50mg broke into two shots daily. I do a push...
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    Big thanks to Uncle Z

    Just received my first TD from Uncle Z, everything was awesome from start to finish. I will definitely be a repeat customer and thanks to XOTG85 for helping with any questions I had.
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    Can Not Wait

    Pulled the trigger with Uncle Z, really excited about it.
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    What to end cycle with

    Planning out my next cycle and running Test 1 - 20 Dbol 1 - 4 Tren A 6 - 12 ( maybe go longer depends) I've ran all these before and was thinking of throwing something at the end last 4 or 5 weeks. I want something that will continue adding lean mass. Maybe a hardener, I'm pretty lean as it is.
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    Who's got the best Dbol right now, looking for some that's really good? Had an injury and been off for about 7 months. So I'm gonna run a classic Test E, Deca, and Dbol. Would appreciate you guys feedback.
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    Uncle's rep

    Could a UncleZ Rep PM me please.
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    Secure email

    What secure email do you guys like the best? I was thinking about going with Protomail but want some advice.
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    Monster Labs

    Is Monster Labs still a Sponsor here, I been out with a injury for about 6 or 7 months and I'm having issues logging into to there site. I been ordering from them for about 2 years now. Would a Monster Rep PM me please.
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    Is Monster Labs still a Sponsor here, I'd like a Monster Labs rep to PM me please. Have issues logging into there site.
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    Looking to run my first GH cycle

    I have never ran GH before but looking to start a cycle, The 15 Iu greytops and ran it for 3 iu's a day 5 days a week. How long could I stay on it and what kinda of changes could I expect. I totally understand this is a Marathon not a race. Id much rather run less for a longer period of time.
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    Monster TD

    Thanks Monster, I made a mistake on an order but it go resolved quick via email. One again top notch service with these guys.
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    Thanks TripleOverTime and the other guys at Monster

    I wanted to Thank TripleOverTime because I made an order prolly near Christmas and the order took longer than expect but HEY it's fucking Christmas right and everyone and there Moma was ordering shit, totally understand. But TripleOverTime when I made my next order which was not long ago hooked...
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    Calorie Reduction after bulk

    I'm at the first couple of weeks of my bulking cycle and I will have to say my diet is going great. I started out with 2500 calories and I'm adding 500 or a meal every week or so. Injectables really have not started to kick in all the way just yet but I can still feel my self gaining or maybe...
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    Monster Primo

    How is the Gold Line Monster Primo or Primo period. is it really as good as I've heard on building muscle?
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    Heathy Fats

    Would it be worth it to incorporate taking a healthy fat, I picked up some Avocado Oil the other day and I have a very high metabolism so would it benefit me to take a tbsp everyday, every other day, or just cook with it. Just wondering if anyone else takes a tbsp of healthy fats like this.
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    Training for Size

    What do you guys think would be the best way to train for size? I was thinking to pick a weight that you would go almost to failure on in your 8th or 9th rep and get those last 4 or 5 reps that would be the growth reps. Then maybe start cutting the rest periods down.
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    swapping compounds during cycle

    I'm about ready to start my next cycle here in the next week or so, I've been thinking about swapping a compound in the middle of my cycle. Wanted to know what you guys think? All these compounds but one I have run before and Ill be running the New one first and swapping it out at week 10...
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    Another Order w/ MONSTER

    I've been using these guys since I've joines the forum close to a year ago. They have always been professional, quick with replies, and the gear has always been top notch. Thanks Guys, T.J.