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    Announcing Pacman76: ASF forum pedo

    Saw this on the web today. Her name is asta, and she is hot lol
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    Just got order in ! Very fast and great service! Thanks bp!
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    Ck pharma

    Any body ever run this? I just got some from a buddy and was curious on feed back. He said its real smooth but the test seems little low dosed
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    started hgh

    I am pretty excited. I know it takes along time to see results but i just started useing hgh a week ago. Im curently taking 750 test 400 tren and 3 ius hgh. Never used before because of cost but now ready to do what it takes to get swole! Ill post gains in future.
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    hey yall new here!

    Hey just wanna c tell everyone a little bout myself. Ive been training for 5 years. I started out 5'10" 150 lbs now. Im 210 13% bf. I did my first competiotion last year.and took 4 th place. Just here to learn a little more and make myself bigger and better!