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    Covid cases going the wrong way!

    Ours been going up too. Reading all the comments on Facebook, it's ALWAYS the people not wearing masks fault. Lol.
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    Ufc 248

    Thanks Wes, always look for your links!
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    UFC 247 - Jon Jones vs Reyes

    You da man!
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    UFC 247 - Jon Jones vs Reyes

    Anyone going to post a good link? I remember someone did for the last event, worked great.
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    Shredded labs on meso is gtg, but has slow comms. Thereas also a dnp discord with 2 other usa vendors.
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    2 members verified floaters, would not recommend this source.
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    DNP related deaths

    I've used a lot of dnp. If you know the dangers of the dosage and don't take too much, it's safe.
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    Beware! fake humatrope scam at meso!!!

    Symbiotics has test e 300 for either $25 or 30. Stanford is $35 I think, both on meso. I'm surprised to see this source scam and threaten a member. Ive never bought from him but he's been solid for a while. Guess you never really know the source...
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    Pristine Anabolics MIA

    No prob guys, I'm on a discord where members there are out money, one guy $2k. I hope he makes things right!
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    Pristine Anabolics MIA

    Guys, Per multiple buyers on Meso, Pristine took payment but no communication since. Just wanted to advise since he is a source here and may potentially still be taking orders. https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/pristine-anabolics-intro.134393817/page-452
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    DNP and helios

    If a source here doesn't have dnp, search for dnp discord. There's also 2 sources on meso .
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    Anyone use either of these guys

    Yes, bought from shredded 4 or 5 times. Hes good, check his thread on meso, only good things.
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    ***lets address the real issue - everyone chime in***

    Think this site will be next. I don't think the guy on meso is bluffing and I did see ASF in an email. I don't want it to go down but with 2 sites hit, it's possible.
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    Not sure but if not, think aipctshop might have it. I know reliable rx does.
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    You guys need to get to meso now!!!

    He quit responding. Not sure why since he wanted a chance to speak.
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    You guys need to get to meso now!!!

    The site shut down is steroid-forum.com. Days ago, a moderator on that site posted an email from the hacker threatening to take down their site. In that email, it said this site was next. So he appears to have made good on taking down SF. I'm assuming the guy on meso is the real guy. Hopefully...
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    You guys need to get to meso now!!!

    I posted there but asking real questions. Crazy...
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    New guy here

    Just wanted to say hello. Been lurking for months but just signed up. I am active on ViciousForum.com and a few others but do mostly reading and research. I may pop in every now and then :)
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    I got Clomid, Nolva, and Asin and only used Asin and its GTG. Took 4 weeks during christmas holiday.