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  1. Niteboss

    Lets talk bpc157 and hgh

    http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/threads/116283-Ruptured-Quadracep-tendons-Both-knees?p=1931798#post1931798 Ok, Im down for many months. I start therapy in 2 weeks. I feel my dr. Is against PEDS. I wanna get some bpc and gh. I was thinking just 2ius gh daily and not sure on the bpc 157...
  2. Niteboss

    Ruptured Quadracep tendons Both knees

    Yep blew out my knees finally! Long story short! 90lbs on each side Standin calve raises on a smith mach. 6” wood platform. My feet slipped and I couldn’t stop it knees buckled forward and i went down snapped the tendons. Im out for a min 8 week Sorry incant upload pics
  3. Niteboss

    Tax reform!! What a joke

    A measly $12 more a week for 40hrs. Doesnt even cover my health insurance has increase. That and I’ll get screwed tax season next yr. worse than this yr. What a fucking joke.
  4. Niteboss

    Lets talk BP meds

    I am genetically prone to high BP. Runs on my fathers side. Last time at doctors visit he wanted me to start taking mess for it. Told him I wanted something mild. Cuz I hear all these horror stories about bad sides. Last few visits I was 170/70-80. No tighness of chest or ear ringing. Usually...
  5. Niteboss

    MFL late on fees or.........

    Once again MFL has no subforum. For some reason I am not getting a good vibe about this. I have been waiting AGAIN for a pack to arrive. Not as long as the last two packs took but it's way longer,almost triple the time than he is saying his TA times are. I shoulda listened to my gut. Since my...
  6. Niteboss

    MFL coming thru

    Got an email this morning with tracking. Somehow I dont beleive it. We shall see in a few days when it arrives. Curious to know if it is the original order or the subbed order. Either way hopefully it lands.
  7. Niteboss

    This crazy midwest weather

    Calling for upper 40's to lower 50's here east of Lake Mich., for the next 10 or so days. Usually 30's and snow about now. Hell I'll take it. I hate winter time.
  8. Niteboss

    1-Test Cyp being produced again

    Read on another blard that China is gonna start producing 1-test cyp again. Heard anywhere from 1-6 months it should be ready. I have not had the privilege to run it. But am hoping to if this becomes a reality. Heard it's better than test alone but less powerful than tren. Who has ran it...
  9. Niteboss

    MMMMM!! NOM NOM NOM Amish beef

    Cooking me up some Yankee roast. 1.3lbs of amish raised yankee roast. 1 1/2 lb of spuds,some carrots and gravey. Good for 2 meals over the weekend. Eliminates a crappy fast food meal on fridays. Daughter and I used to go hit up a fast food joint when I pick her up from school fridays. Now its...
  10. Niteboss

    Superdrol taken its toll on me

    This is my 3rd run with SD. Ending my 3rd week. Lethargy is unbelievable. More tired than I have ever been. Worse than having sleep apnea,which has been taken care thru the use of cpap. Its a bitch to stay awake at work. It doesn't help that the work I have been doin at work is pretty boring...
  11. Niteboss

    Score!!! AAP TOUCHDOWN

    Got my pack today. Checked mailbox when i got home. Nothing!! Walked into house. Mama already got the mail before she took off to work. Pack was sitting on counter. Great packaging. Best I've had to date. Got my summer cruize,fall lean bulk and winter recomp.
  12. Niteboss

    My tren A crashed

    I got it at the end of summer last year. It has been in a safe warm hiding place. When i went to get a vial, to get my cycle ready. I noticed that the side of the vial has a cloudy look to it. The vials where laying on their sides, not standing up. You can turn the vial and see where the oil...
  13. Niteboss

    What else besides caber or prami? Both causing severe drowsiness

    I started taking prami last yr with my 1st tren a cycle. I took it before before bed every night, .2cc. No problem with sleeping, but the following day had problems trying to stay awake during work. I just thought it was from just being tired working 55hrs a week. For my NPP cycle last fall i...
  14. Niteboss

    Hello newby old guy here

    Hello everyone. Just found this site a few days ago. Glad I did. A little bout myself. 41yrs old, married for 15yrs, one teenage child, 2 dogs. Been lifting for 4yrs. Started lifting when I realized that my daughter was gonna be a teenager real soon. Had to start pounding the weights after...