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  1. J

    Question about proviron

    Currently on TRT and taking 50mg proviron once day. I have a blood lab coming on soon for doc who has me prescried the trt. How long should I stop taking the proviron before the lab so my free test levels arent high for the labs?
  2. J

    Couldnt Donate Blood

    Went to donate blood and couldnt because my iron level was to high. It was only 2 points outside the acceptable range. She said maybe consume less red meats and foods with higher iron and try back in 4 days. This was my first time ever donating. My last labs had my hemoglobin at 18 and...
  3. J

    Proviron - Lethargic/Tired?

    Has anyone experienced being lethargic with Proviron? On low TRT 300mg Test C wk and 50mg Prov 50mg ed ... Only on day 3 of Proviron but feel tired within two hours each day? I actually forgot to take it this morning and felt great no tiredness, took it around 1pm and boom tired again.
  4. J

    Recommendation from the PIT

    I’m not worried about cost. What are your recommendations for pharma grade sources? Message me if you don’t won’t to offend our board sponsors please.
  5. J

    Best place/price for blood labs ??

    Looking for best place to have labs done? Any discount codes?
  6. J

    Newbie question

    I have been on TRT for a few years. 200mg Test CYP. I recently decided to go on my own and run my own. Labs. The prescribed “pharmacy” test has no PIP whatsoever . Recently pinned UGL test Cyp with minor PIP and a knot that usually goes away within 5-6 days. Is this something I just expect when...
  7. J

    Pay options

    If your a sponsor that accepts cash app or Venmo w/ no minimum , please message me. Appreciate it.
  8. J

    who does no minimum order with an option other than BTC?

    Who offers other options for payment other than BTC with (NO) minimums?
  9. J

    Can someone give me a quick breakdown of the differences

    Maybe a quick breakdown of the difference between these Test? Test Prop Test Enan Test Cyp I have been on low 250mg week of Test Cyp for about 3 months. Wanting to maybe switch up.
  10. J

    can Anyone vouch for alliance raws?

    Considering GH, anyone vouch for alliance GH? Shit is quite costly, want to make sure I don’t make stupid choice . Thanks all.
  11. J

    Newb question, looking for a little advice ?

    I have been on test CYP for about three months. Running only 250 MGS a week, pinning twice a week. I was extremely overweight, got my diet in check, down 53 pounds since April. I’ve heard adding TREN, helps cut away fat quickly. I have about 25 to 30 pounds of fat to cut, and looking for...
  12. J

    How long to lower T levels for labs

    I am blasting and wondering how long should I be back on TRT protocol before next labs?
  13. J

    need sponsor with no minimum

    I need a sponsor with no minimum?