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    Hey everyone, hope all is well. I just received my first order from Alpha Sigma, and these fellas are on point. Although they offer free shipping, which I will be taking advantage of, I was a little tight on time and needed the products ordered quickly to start my cycle as planned. I paid the...
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    24roid.biz source check

    Hey everyone, hope all is well. Quick question, has anyone here ever used, or know anything about a source called 24roid.biz? They have a pretty good selection that includes some reputable brands at decent prices. They also appear to have a customer service system in place. However, there are a...
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    basicstero promo code?

    Anyone feel like being a pal and giving me a promo code for basicstero pharacom labs? I'd appreciate it, but no big deal. Thanks everyone
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    Anyone every try the M-Sten from Amino Asylum?

    Hello everyone, Quick question, has anyone ever tried M-Sten from Amino Asylum? I've used Amino Asylum several times in the past and have never had a bad experience, however, despite 23 years of lifting and 5-6 year on gear, I don't know a whole lot about Pro-Hormones. I tried Superdrol once...
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    Suspicious delivery text

    USPS: the arranged delivery for the shipment 1z28702 got changed. Please confirm here: z2fxc.info/6uCL2zrD5W Does this text message from USPS seem suspicious to anyone? I’ve never got a txt like this before, but the order is small enough that I doubt any agency would waste their time. Let...
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    Problem with order, been waiting since December, received 1 out of 5 items ordered

    Hey everyone, I am reaching out because of a problem I am experiencing with an order I placed through Monster. I'm looking for assistance, but will try to stay within the forum rules. I initially placed the order on December 31, over 24 days ago. I have been a loyal Monster customer for over 3...
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    Source check on Feral Gear.... and Dutch Pharma

    Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well. Quick question about certain sources that are on our board. First, does anyone have any experience with Feral Gear? Although it seems to be strictly orals (including PCT compounds) and injectables, which depending on what you're looking for, is fine...
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    New user gains

    Hey everyone, hope all is well. I gotta quick question that I've been thinking about and was hoping to get some feedback based on people's experiences and knowledge. So, like everyone, when I first started lifting (the summer after 10th grade, I was 15 or 16), I packed on a lot of size in a...
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    Nootropicsource, DMAA, Modonafil

    Hey everyone, Hope everyone is doing alright. I had a few quick questions I was hoping I could get some help with. First, anyone know any solid sources for Modonafil / provigil and/or DMAA? Also, has anyone ever used ***************? They both have an impressiv inventory at pretty decent prices...
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    Monster site?

    Hey everyone, been busy for the last few weeks, but been a loyal Monster customer for years. Did something happen to them or their site? I can't access to their website through their usual link. Please let me know if anyone has any idea what happened to them. Thank you, much appreciated.
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    Another successful Monster order

    Hey everyone, hope everybody is doing well. Just wanted to give another shout out to Monster-Gear. I've dealt with them for several years and they have consistently been on point. Every order I've placed has always been delivered in a timely fashion (I don't remember ever having waited more than...
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    Anyone use SPS for SARMs and Peptides?

    Hey everyone, hope everybody is doing well. I've been becoming increasingly interested in SARMs and Peptides recently when I came across this site: https://sarms-peptide.shop (the SARMs Peptide shop or SPS). The site itself seems to provide a lot of helpful information about the products they...
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    MK-677 got me a DWI

    Hey Everyone, Hope everybody is doing alright. So I wanted to tell my story as a potential warning to others to just remain careful and don't never give the police a reason to stop you. Although, that said, I maintain that I was careful and that I am, in fact, innocent of these charges. First...
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    Where to buy pins

    Anyone know what the law is in NY regarding buying needles over the counter? Sometimes I can buy 21-25 gauge needles over the counter, other times they say I need a script for anything under 31g. Anyone know the actual law? Or better yet, where to buy them? Thanks in advance, appreciate the help.
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    Monster review

    Hey everyone, Been a while since I posted or commented on anything. I touch on some issues, but most topics I leave to those who are more well-versed or have specialized knowledge (or at least sounnd like they do). But I do wanna put this review out there. When I first started buying gear...
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    Modified Pharma mix question: shortened version

    Based on the lack of response I got from my initial question, I'm guessing I bored everyone to death by going to in depth into my logic and reasoning. So I'll keep it simple: I've been using a pharmcom mix of Tren E 100 mg, Test E 200 mg, and Mast E 200mg. That mix is no longer available...
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    Modified Pharma mix: cycle advice

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts on a new stack I'm considering. In the past, I've had a lot of success with a mix consisting of test, tren, and masteron. The shorter ester mix was 50 test P, 50 tren A, and 50 mast, while the longer ester mix was 200 test e, 200 mast e, and 100...
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    DG Trial experience

    Just tried DrugsGear, had a very positive experience. Their rep dealt with all my odd / paranoid questions (I've been avoiding buying online because I'm not comfortable with receiving stuff in the mail). Everything went super smooth. It was normal delivery but I got my package within 2 days (not...
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    Source question: purity labs

    So as i’ve mentioned before on here, I’ve been looking for a new source. By that I mean a legit, professional company, as my old source was basically a middleman at the gym. Anyway, what I’m looking for is safety, reliability, quality, good customer service, and reasonable prices. But mostly...
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    Source advice

    Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to this forum, and to be honest, I don’t really participate in many other forums either (T-nation and I think I signed up for one or the others). However, there are a few that I find interesting and informative that I really enjoy reading. I’ve actually picked up a...