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  1. owen_z

    Moneypak/deer in the headlights

    So there I was, loading a moneypak card...and she asks for my I.D. I had a blank stare with the cashier and asked why.. To which she replied, "it's something new they're doing. I think it's because people use these to make purchases on things that are illegal!"
  2. owen_z

    MFL Anabolic Threshold Sponsored Log

    Alright guys/girls, the sub forum is down for MFL right now until the payment is made so I'm going to restart it here! The plan is as follows: 600mg tren enanthate per week 250mg test enanthate per week difference between this cycle and the usual? ALL mgs will be pinned at once in the week. As...
  3. owen_z

    Favorite source just resurfaced after a vacation...

    I'm pretty excited that he came back and not sure if we can get him over here. I know his heat was getting to him so he backed off and went quiet for a while but ill be waiting to see how it buffs out. Anyone that follows on eroids probably knows him. Powertrip Pharma? Ring a bell?
  4. owen_z

    Trolling, ban hammers, and scams OH MY!

    Seriously. Getting a little out of hand. Hate to leave this board due to overcrowding of the BS.
  5. owen_z

    Disregarding nose bleeds, upping my mg's

    So here in the past few days my nose bleeds have become something out of a horror movie. Straight up murder scene. Haven't cuffed for BP lately but mixture of dry air and BP would me my best guess. Was going to run 50mg test prop/50mg mast prop/100mg tren ace. Well I decided with this mornings...
  6. owen_z

    Any gamers on board?

    Had a thread over at PHF that was dedicated to gaming and what everyone played. Wondering how many of you get into online play. Maybe organize an ASF team deathmatch on black ops 2? Lol I can hear the rage on the headsets now!
  7. owen_z

    I miss the stank..

    Is it strange that I know actually MISS smelling the guiacol from TNE? Everytime I open my sharps container I smell it and I have to take a few courtesy sniffs before capping it back up. The source I was getting it from went on hiatus for a while and no signs of coming back (powertrip) so I'm...
  8. owen_z

    New to the board

    Just stopping in to say hello. I usually only frequent two boards but mostly for the misc anymore. Seems like it's much more appropriate and business related here which is good. Glad I could get over here and be a part.