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  1. Riles

    Test Iso

    Looking for info on GC test iso, anyone have personal experience? I’m curious how much bite it has at 200mg/mL, thanks
  2. Riles

    Hernia surgery

    I have a hernia repair coming up pretty fast, I have been on 2iu HGH 5 days on 2 days off for several months, I plan on continuing the HGH for another few months beyond the surgery healing, my question is: What do you guys think about adding TB500 and BPC-157 for three weeks following surgery...
  3. Riles

    Primo and BF% Questions

    First off, can somebody rotate these for me? Next, I just dropped my test back to 300mg pw and deca back to 90mg pw and added Primo at 650mg pw, HGH at 2iu 5 on 2 off for 3 months, 7 days the 4 months prior, eating at a slight deficit, but really clean, what exactly should I expect at current...
  4. Riles

    EQ or GHRP-2

    Purely from an appetite standpoint, which is likely to give my appetite the biggest boost and over time will it be less effective or could it potentially last a whole 12 week blast? My appetite is horrible, it's a real struggle to get enough cals for maintenance on TRT alone, I have to force...
  5. Riles

    Inj Dbol dosing strategy ideas?

    I am out of TNE and a friend gave me some inj dbol, going to use it as a pre workout for some heavy lifting, what works best for you guys as far as timing and dosages, I've tried it once so far at 100mg 30 minutes prior and it seemed to have a shorter intended effect (peak) but I felt edgier...
  6. Riles

    poor spotters? or bad luck?

    A bit hard to watch, do you think it could have been avoided? Igor Golushkin - Weightlifter dies in a power lifting competition - YouTube
  7. Riles

    Rich Piana 5% Nutritian AllDayYouMay BCAA mix

    Any of you guys familiar with this product? I have a buddy at the gym that swears this is the end all, be all, supplement for the ages, thanks
  8. Riles


    Does anybody have any experience with Sarms1 ? I've done a little research and cant find anything, good, bad or otherwise since late March, are they still active? anybody have any feedback on their products since March? GW-501516 in particular, thank you
  9. Riles

    Problems uploading photos

    Anybody else having trouble uploading pictures from Windows 8, I have a few pics from my IPhone on my computer and have had zero luck, I keep getting this error message Fatal error: Could not create file system directory to hold your attachment. Unable to proceed with save while $errors...