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  1. Dirt700

    Need a little help

    I get 250mg weekly at trt clinic. My levels usually stay around 1100. My last cycle was weeks 1-4 50mg dbol daily, weeks 1-8 tren A 80mg eod. Did some test suspension as pwo. It's was 4 weeks after my last shot of tren, when I got bloods done at clinic, came back at 770. So they upped my dose...
  2. Dirt700

    Partial TD

    Part of my wife's next cycle showed up today. Thank you GR.
  3. Dirt700

    Pharmacystore caber?

    Just seeing if anyone has used there caber, says it's phizer but cost seems way less than most other phizer caber. Otherwise I may just go with S4U, seems like a lot of the members on here like theirs. Or maybe give DQ a try
  4. Dirt700

    Gatorade mixed with vanilla protein

    I tried orange Gatorade and vanilla protein this morning, and it was great. Tasted like a Flintstones push up pop. A buddy told me about it, get my carbs and protein pre, intra, and post workout. Anyone else do this?
  5. Dirt700

    First order

    Just ordered my wife some vermodje var and primo, Waters and Burrfoot were quick to respond and very helpful. Hopefully have a td in the near future.
  6. Dirt700

    Other Hobbies

    I'm into rock racing, it started with a Polaris rzr, and has progressed from jeeps to full tube chassis. The silver one is my current rig, and I'm currently building a more stream line frame to swap the drive train into. What are some of y'alls hobbies?
  7. Dirt700

    New Member

    Hello, I'm 30 live in NE Arkansas. Im big into rock crawling and currently building a rock bouncer to race. I've been lifting for several years always looking to get bigger and stronger and learn all I can.