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    Steroid Containing Burrito

    Where can I find these NPP burritos. https://nypost.com/2021/06/14/olympic-hopeful-shelby-houlihan-says-burrito-caused-steroid-ban/
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    more retatrded trolling.

    Read it on the internet. :coffee:
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    Hey Heckler!

    Good News! https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37233/the-a-10-warthog-is-preparing-for-its-biggest-upgrade-in-over-a-decade
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    Is it ldog or Idog?

    Is it L-Dog or I-dog for those that cannot tell Idog from ldog. Upper case I or lower case L? Inquirering minds need to know... :) That is all!
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    California Tax Breaks for Illegal Aliens

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    Liberal Hypocrisy at it's Worst

    Left wing democrats are such two faced bastards. https://youtu.be/DC6PU8NcgVQ
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    Law to Take Unemployment Benefits Away from Looters

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    UGL's and ASF Members at their Finest

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    It was fun while it lasted. Things have changed over the last seven years, too many idiots, not enough intellectual conversation. I wish you all the best. Skip
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    Why Leftists Drive Me Crazy!

    Fuck me! Talk about weak and worthless. https://youtu.be/d6YCdlgTnBQ
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    Idiotic Political Correctness

    This should be good https://californiafamily.org/2019/ca-senate-committee-bans-gendered-pronouns-but-fails-to-follow-new-rules/
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    The Downside to Gear Whoring

    You lose all credibility. That is all.......:coffee:
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    Punk-Ass Bitch NFL Player

    Fuck this guy. http://amp.tmz.com/2018/11/30/kc-chiefs-kareem-hunt-attacked-kicked-woman-surveillance-video/
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    Somebody Needs to Clear Their Inbox

    That is all....... :)
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    Stand Your Ground

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    Skip's Party Pack

    That's right boys and girls, it's that decade and time for me to get my second colonoscopy. The party starts now, phase one is going to be a big shit show, literally :) Second phase starts in the wee morning hours to ensure everything is nice and clean Fun!!!!
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    Millennial Couple Bikes Near ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’, Gets Killed

    Can't fix stupid: https://www.pluralist.com/posts/1824-millennial-couple-bikes-near-isis-territory-to-prove-humans-are-kind-and-gets-killed
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    Contest Winnings!

    This is a long time coming! I got these not long after winning the contest way back on March 13th! Because of my travel and out of town escapades these arrived while I was gone, only to be put away when I got back as I was behind at work. I won two vials of my choice and of course I chose...
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    Skip's DEXA Scan

    Below is my DEXA scan from last month at the 8 week mark on my cut. DEXA is the acronym for Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. This is a precision analysis of body composition. As you can see in the report my analysis breaks down every component of my body weight. On the first page you see...
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    Growth Hormone and Thyroid Supplementation

    Anybody here ever confounded by the complexity of using growth hormone and the effects it has on the thyroid and supplementation of thyroid hormones? Some observations through my personal experience: 1) GH has a profound effect on fat lipolysis, IF you supplement thyroid function during use...