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  1. jozifp103

    Mixing peptides in the same syringe

    None whatsoever. Mix away.
  2. jozifp103

    It's 2076. PEDs are legal and available OTC at any pharmacy...

    ...100% pharmacy brand name products right on the shelf. Just fill your shopping cart and checkout. 100% legal, no risk, no waiting for shipping, no worrying about quality... ...but it's 1.5 - 2X the cost of your UGL. You going legit or you sticking with black market pricing?
  3. jozifp103

    The Wfey needs some help

    Like others have said I'd focus your energy on finding a new doctor that will take this seriously and run the proper tests. Most likely a specialist. Trying to play doctor with your wife's hormones is not a good idea.
  4. jozifp103

    Lifting 25 yrs, starting first cycle

    Welcome brother. Feel free to pick our brains we're happy to help.
  5. jozifp103

    Your boys are BACK with a 20-30% OFF SALE!

    Damn even the HGH is 20% off. I don't care if you don't need anything at the moment....if you miss this sale you're gonna be kicking yourself.
  6. jozifp103

    Hey All, THanks for reading

    Welcome back bro.
  7. jozifp103

    T to the mother fucken D! Thanks PSL!

    Nice bro. Someone's looking to cut up!
  8. jozifp103


    Thanks for the shoutout my guy! It was my pleasure. I'm glad you had a good experience.
  9. jozifp103

    PSL TD! So dang quick! Thank you PSL!

    Excited to hear your thoughts on DHB. People who love it LOVE it.
  10. jozifp103

    Excited to Start!

    Right on. Looking forward to the pics!
  11. jozifp103

    Anyone Takes Cialis Pre-Training ?

    Off and on at 10mg. When I'm not taking it I definitely miss it. I don't even know why I come off to be honest. I know there's no real evidence of becoming dependent on it but I can't bring myself to take that risk so I come off every so often to make sure everything still works without it lol...
  12. jozifp103

    What up y’all?

    Welcome bro!
  13. jozifp103


    Welcome brother. Plenty of good sources here. You can read reviews and do research right here on the forum.
  14. jozifp103

    New guy

    Welcome to the community brother.
  15. jozifp103

    New Guy / Old Rookie

    Welcome to the community bro!
  16. jozifp103

    Small assortment of PSL EP injectables

    No set plans yet. I just wanted to try the injectable Anadrol, Dbol, Winny, and Test Base at some point so I figured step 1 was to get one of each then step 2 is to find places to throw them in as I go.
  17. jozifp103

    PSL TD

    I'll give a brief synopsis but honestly it was not my proudest moment. Probably one of the most white-trash moments I've ever had. I'll just say it was over a patio chair and while I was in his face threatening him his wife and young daughters showed up and were begging him to just walk away. As...
  18. jozifp103

    Give PSL a review (earn discounts/CREDIT/FREE PRODUCTS) or Post BLOODS and get paid!

    We've actually been doing this for years but every now and then we like to give a little reminder and inform some of the newer member who might not know about this. Not to toot our own horn here but this is a pretty awesome arrangement we've come up with for y'all.
  19. jozifp103

    Dbol or Anadrol while bulking ? Cycle length ??

    Spot on. I love the results on Anadrol much more but it just makes me so damn cranky. Dbol is like an anti-depressant and makes me feel so content. It's a trade off for sure.
  20. jozifp103

    Test Deca Dbol

    I would just keep Caber on hand in case you need it. You probably won't. Prolactin tends to rise along with E2 so usually keeping your E2 in check is enough to keep Prolactin down as well. But keep it on hand and use if you notice prolactin related sides. Caber works pretty quickly and effectively.