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  1. GotTren?

    Show worthy physique? Critique welcome

    What's up fellow brothers of iron. Look here it is here's my physique from my last cycle. I've had multiple people tell me you look great and need to make money with that body. I'm like yea sounds good but how lol? I know there's classic physique and other physique shows.. which one should I go...
  2. GotTren?

    Trestolone acetate

    What's up fellas curious to anyone who has cycled with this compound. What was your energy/motivation like. What about the sides compared to gains? I'm gonna run real soon just wanting to see who else has ran this! Go!
  3. GotTren?

    Shout out to Vision and PSL

    Vision has been awesome to work with, this guy knows his stuff! I love the new vial and box design. This TNE looks nice and milky. Also can't wait to try the ment!!
  4. GotTren?


    Who has some legit ass superdrol ATM?
  5. GotTren?


    Who has some legit ass superdrol ATM??
  6. GotTren?

    Tapatalk update blows!!

    What's up everyone, anyone else update tapatalk today and it jacked everything all up? Not getting and notifications and PMs. Just checked some threads I was subscribed too had new comments and then I had like 5 pms appear at once. So no more updates for me if it delays my contact with the...
  7. GotTren?

    Who's your go to for needles?

    Hello fellow brothers in iron, I've been searching around for a bit and trying to find the best deal on some 29 gauge needle tips only. I have the 3cc barrels made my BD. Throw some links up, I want that Costco box of 100 minimum. Any good sites? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. GotTren?

    PSL- Euro Pharmacies Anavar Review!

    What's up fellow brothers of iron, I'm going to be giving very honest feedback on PSL- EURO Pharmacies Anavar. I have only had anavar from one other source that was legit and not counterfeited, so I will compare this run to it. I've taken a couple other euro products before and gained results...
  9. GotTren?

    Euro Pharma's Test/ Tren blend review

    Houston we have a TD!! Will be posting porn when I arrive back home...just wait for it.
  10. GotTren?

    Ephedrine hcl 50mg!!

    Has anyone ever tried this version and injected subq? What's your experience/ results? Would love any advice or comments