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    God damnit

    80% of my stashes labels have all of a suddenly faded so bad that I can’t even tell what’s what. I pulled the tren aside but I can’t tell the deca, test e and c, or the mast apart. Is there any way I can figure this out and not play Russian roulette with my gear? This is like 700-1k worth of...
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    Accidentally took too much

    Clen. Was thinking it was my AI and I dosed a half ml, or 100mcg’s. I’ve only ever gone up to 60mcgs before and I had absolute debilitating cramps. Anyway to avoid this so my whole day isn’t ruined? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good to see you back

    Please stick around, I need you guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What would you do

    You’ve been taking about 30grams a day of kratom, 15 in the AM and PM. You’re obviously physically dependent and not wanting to buy anymore but you need to be able to function enough for work. At most you can get three days off. You have 150 grams left and really don’t want to travel to get more...
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    Discharge from nipples

    I pinched my nipple yesterday to see if I was lactating yet and some black/brown discharge came out of both tits. What in the fuck is this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone with law enforcement/legal experience?

    Could really use some advice on how to handle some past abuse issues and the role it may or may not play in a divorce. Not gonna spill the details on the open forum but if you fit the criteria and wouldn’t mind PM’ing me I would be extremely grateful. Tia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Clen dose protocol

    How do you guys run clen? I’ve seen multiple charts tapering up and then down . I’ve also heard people say you should just jump right to your most tolerable dose and stick with that. Just wanna hear how you guys do it. Thanks fellas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pay your bills bro, I need those coupon codes! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone ever try THC-O acetate ?

    Picked up some stuff from a hemp supply company. Got brownies and some distillate. Some people say the stuffs strong as hell and others say it’s weak. Anyone here ever try it?
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    Life is all about perspective

    I’ve got a friend who has sex 2-3 times a week, he exercises twice a day, and he reads two books a week, yet every day he complains about how much he hates prison… Lol had to share
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    Rate my tits

    Honestly how bad does this gyno look? Still got the puffy nips which isn’t helping. This is fucking crushing my confidence guys.
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    Incident on the road

    Ran into some trouble on my way to work today when some asshole crossed the Highway cutting me off and forcing me to lock up my breaks to avoid Tboning him. So I turned down the road he took and followed him, passed him, mouthed to him to use his fucking head, then he flipped me off and started...
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    How small can your testes actually get

    My nuts really shrunk substantially during my second cycle, just about to a little bigger then grapes. How small can they actually get and is there any reason why I can’t just embrace my tiny nuts or should atrophy only be allowed to get so bad? I’m blasting and cruising btw. Done having...
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    D8 Distillate

    Just thought I’d share this with anyone who used delta 8 and buys the gummies and doesn’t already know. You can buy an ounce of 97% delta-8-thc distillate for $100! That’s crazy cheap. I was getting 12 X 25mg gummies for $13 or about $1.08 each gummy. With the distillate I’d be paying about $...
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    Dbol and gyno

    I got a minor case of gyno my last run, probably from switching AIs in the middle of the cycle. I did the ralox protocol and it shrunk considerably, enough so that I’m comfortable not having it cut out. So that said I want to keep it at bay. But I was also hoping to run Dbol at the start of my...
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    Kratom (again)

    Just curious what dose you guys take daily? And what the withdrawals are like for you when you stop? (Don’t really feel like listening to anyone tell me I’m stupid for using it or whatever I’m done listen to that shit) Anyways as some of you know I went on a bender for a month and became...
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    First love?

    Is it really a thing? I never really thought of it until recently but I’m starting to think that my wife is actually my first love. Would explain why I was so stupid to forgive her for some of her shit that I would have never let anyone else get away with… Worst part is I’m not her first love...
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    Prostate and AAS

    Anyone ever have any issues with prostate due to using gear? What was it like? How to avoid it? Do certain compounds take more of a toll on the organ? I’m almost ready to demand a prostate exam if this pain with my dick doesn’t get better soon. Fucking joke about it all you want but...
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    Pain when urinating

    It hurts in the tip of my dick when I pee and then for a while after I go… what’s up with that?
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    How much money

    Do you reckon you guys spend annually on anything related to gear, AI’s and ancillaries included, syringes, needles etc?. I’ve only been at this a year and thinking about it is kind of giving me anxiety lol