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    Bad shot or pinched nerve?

    Hi all…2 weeks ago I woke up took a 1 “ 1.5 cc dose in my right glute . No problems.Then drove for a couple hrs to catch a flight. On the trip I fell asleep in a hunched over awkward position for an a little bit woke up and went about the day no problems. I woke up in the am in pain while in...
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    I’m in my mid 40s. I had some typical acne thru the late teen early 20s etc.that mostly went away. I developed a fair amount of back acne late 30’s to present ...When I did my first cycle of 500 test e/w surprisingly my back cleared up 80 percent . I came off cold turkey. 3 month later ran...
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    Blood work from online trt

    For 99$ from one online trt source I can have Testosterone, Estradiol, Dhea-S, Free T3, and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tested is it worth going this route. Anything else I should have tested I wanted to run test cyp with possibly eq coming up.... I was thinking to getting CBC test done to...
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    What’s all. Couple of things here. When do some of the neg sides of steroids kick in eg. shrunk balls acne? Figuring it’s all over the table. I’m on my first ever cycle of test e 500 wk split... Quick note I’ve had acne on my back my whole life. Started getting worse over the past 5 years. Since...
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    Pct advice

    What’s up fellas. Im getting close to the end of my first cycle “blast”. 43 yr male. I’m on week 9 of 12 running 250 test e twice wk got a total of 500/wk. I plan on pct. On hand I have 50ct 25 mg tabs of clomid, 50ct 25 mg of nolva. I haven’t used any ai although I have Aromasin... Thoughts...
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    Labs without insurance

    What’s up all.... I from the great state of Massachusetts and I’m looking to order some labs without insurance. Trying to figure out what the deal is since I’m from Massachusetts. Are there any sources online I can use to order test and have it completed? Thanks
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    New to trt

    What’s up all. New to trt Based on a recommendation, and I’m currently in about 2 1/2 weeks of 250 mg test e 2x week sun/wed 250 mg Boldenone same as above thinking of getting some ai to...
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    Blood work

    Is it best to do blood work in the am after no eating or drinking or better to do it later in the day?
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    New to asf

    What’s up all new here. started trt and looking to learn a bit more about the new world. Looking for a vendor with some decent prices.... TY