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    Contest prize- sample received

    Thanks SB for sending a free 12 mL vial of Primo E with my last order! As always, delivery was super fast and packaged nicely. Thanks for adding the new product to the list.
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    Meat prices

    With meat prices at a premium, have you changed what cuts of meat you are purchasing? I am usually well stocked with venison, but I haven’t hunted much in the last few years.
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    Well I had a seizure

    I started having seizures when I was about ten. I had them off/on until I was twenty-two. The type of seizures I have are very violent. I have been on meds 3x a day since a day since I was a kid. Last night while showering, I started getting dizzy and my head started twitching. Then everything...
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    Smooth transaction, quick turnaround. You can’t ask for better service. Thanks!
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    Nandrolone- Left ventricular hypertrophy

    Has anyone experienced LVH from deca? If you have I would like to hear your experience. Thanks.
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    Woman Peeing During Deadlift

    I’ve never seen this at my gym.
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    Close to Zero ROM Bench

    Check out this chicks bench press. I’ve never seen a shorter range of motion. I wonder what she could press without the giant arch?
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    Liver Enzymes

    How long does it take for liver enzymes to return normal after a cycle that includes an oral steroid?
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    3rd cycle advice

    I plan to begin my next cycle in the next month or so and I’m looking for advice. Previous cycles: 1st- Test 400 2nd- Test 400/Primo 400 (10 weeks) This time around I will be in a caloric deficit for a few weeks. My goal is to drop a little bit of body fat while retaining as much muscle as...
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    Have you tried Ace Labs Primo?

    Do you have experience with Ace Labs primo? I’m thinking of trying it in a couple of months. Thank you!
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    Do you incorporate deload weeks into your training? Is it something you plan ahead, or do you just pull back when you feel it’s needed. I’ve spoken to people who deload every 4th week, and others who never take any deload. What is your opinion on the subject?
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    Standard Line/Bones Line

    What is the difference between the two lines? Is it just the carrier oil? Thanks.
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    Private VPN

    I have done some reading about VPNs, but I’m wondering if it is truly necessary. Do you use one? Any recommendations? Are the free ones legitimate? Thanks.
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    Do you remember Craig Titus?

    I saw Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan a few years before they where sent to prison. He was a guest poser at my gym’s bodybuilding show. He and Kelly did a presentation/q&a the night before the show. All seemed well from the outside looking in. If you don’t know the story it’s pretty interesting...
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    TRT bloodwork question

    I have an appointment coming up with my TRT doc. He’s a super cool guy and doesn’t have an issue with me taking other anabolics. He did request for me to only be taking my prescribed dose when it was time to pull labs. I am currently taking test C and primo E. If I drop back to a trt dose, will...
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    Pill cutter

    Is there a noticeable difference in quality between a five dollar pill cutter and the ones that are a bit more expensive?
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    SB Delivered

    I am very impressed with SB’s communication and turnaround time. Happy New Year!
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    Female HRT

    My wife started HRT almost a year ago. She has sufficient estrogen, but her testosterone levels were extremely low. Her GP and gynecologist said her bloodwork looked good then offered her antidepressants. After declining the advice and antidepressant she started HRT through telemedicine. Her...
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    Incentives for Lab Testing

    Do any of the sponsors here offer incentives for sending their products off to be tested by Janoshik?
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    Testing Gear

    I picked up some Anavar for my wife. What test do you recommend to make sure it’s not a different compound? How much does lab testing cost? Are the at home test kits worth the money? Thanks for the input.