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    Monster Halo

    Anyone run Monster halo? Was thinking about using it as a contest prep finisher & my source doesn't carry. Wanted to know people's experience. Thanks!
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    Who's a good source now for research chems? Feel free to OM if you don't want to post. Thanks!
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    Shout out to -HughniceGuy for his quick response time. Always feel good when sponsors have solid reps. Also thanks to Monster for quick t/a. I I am going to be starting a log the beginning of the year; my road to the Cutler Classic in the spring. Aside from adex, I will be using only Monster...
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    winstrol & cyanostane

    Anyone ever take these two compounds together? I'm on the tail end of my cut and about to introduce some Winny. I have some cyanostane and didn't know if that would be worth throwing in as an additional finisher or would it be overkill. I've used anavar and Winny before to finish off a cycle...
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    anavar finisher

    has anyone used anavar to finish off a cut cycle? ideal dose, length of time? currently running test prop, mast, and tren and was thinking about finishing it off with 4 weeks of anavar @ 75mg/ED