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    High DHT levels

    Anything to be worried about having high DHT levels? All my health markers came back good including my psa. My levels were almost doubled the scale value: 1300 (106-719). I know hairline can be a concern but already loosing that. I wonder what peoples dht levels are who run var, winny etc…
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    DHT Levels

    Having high DHT level good or bad? 1300 pg/ml (106- 709)
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    Trt with no HCG

    I’m curious to how people on trt don’t use HCG and if it’s really needed? I’m in my mid 30’s and don’t want kids. Some people say that it increases their libido? Having small nuts and low libido is a concern of mine. We’ll mostly libido. I have been on clomid therapy before trt and was impressed...
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    HCG and sex drive

    Long story short ran out of test. In the meantime I’m Using HCG daily @ 280iu for a week now Until I receive more test. Also, anastrozole .25 x 3 week. My sex drive has been crazy high and loving it. I’m just wondering why? I figured it would be worst with no test. Maybe it’s the daily shots...
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    Sleep apnea

    Just recently diagnosed with server sleep apnea 😞 Has anyone else experienced this? I’m just now waiting to get my cpap. For those who used a cpap did it actually help? Also did you notice if it decreased your h&h levels?
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    HCG left out of refrigerator

    I accidentally left my hcg out for three days is it still good? did it just lose some potency?
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    Ibutamoren and loving it

    I’m surprised how well this stuff actually works. I take small dose every other day with no side effects. some times I even forget to take it. My base gh level was in the 150ng/ml (83-241). I just recently got my labs back and my levels were 230ng/ml range (83-242) I pretty happy with those...
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    High DHEA

    I recently had blood work done still waiting for all the results to come in. However, I noticed my DHEA levels were high. I’m just wondering if this a concern and wondering what would cause it to be so high. 560 ug/dL (120 ug/dL-520ug/dL) I’m only on trt and ibutamoren. thanks
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    Low dose nandrolone

    I was wondering if low does nandrolone at 55mg a week with trt worth it. I know it helps with joint Issues but other than that...worth taking..
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    A.I how long?

    How long have you been using an AI? I been reading a lot on excelmale. It seems to have a lot of good info and pretty cool forum when it comes to hrt. But learning that the forum is more anti ai. But the more I read on the forum about estrogen the more confused and discouraged I get. Anyone...
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    Pinning EOD vs ED

    My doc says I can try pinning Every day. Right now I’m pinning eod. He says people who have changed pinning to every day don’t go back since they fine they like it better. I guess they fine it more stable levels and lower estradiol levels. I was wondering if anyone has tried this? I don’t mind...
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    MK-677 low dose

    My doc prescribed me mk at 12.5mg every other day. I was wondering if anyone else has tried lower doses before and had good results? Most reviews I have read are at higher mg doses taken every day. Thanks!
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    Anastrozole and libido

    I was wondering If people have found that taking anastrozole negatively affects their libido? Even if their estradial is in range or slightly elevated? I have tried stopping taking an ai but only for a couple weeks and have always resorted back to it. Not sure if it’s more psychological then...
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    Prolactin levels?

    I’m on trt only and due for labs soon. I noticed my doc hasn’t tested my prolactin levels for some time now. (I think maybe once when I first started Trt) I was wondering if this is something that should be tested every time?
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    Syringes what size?

    Wondering what everyone else is using? I have been using 1ml luerlock with 20gx1 to draw the test and using 27gX1/2 to inject. I know some use insulin syringes not sure what size but wondering if it’s difficult to draw?
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    Do Sarms work?

    My clinic offered mk or gh and I was wondering if it was really worth it with my recent levels? Don’t know much about it. What do you guys think. Looking for feedback.. INsulin-like growth factor 1: 184 ng/ml (82-242) IGF 1 score: 0.7
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    Do sarms really work?

    My clinic offered mk or gh and I was wondering if it was really worth it with my recent levels? Don’t know much about it. What do you guys think. Looking for feedback.. INsulin-like growth factor 1: 184 ng/ml (82-242) IGF 1 score: 0.7
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    Anxiety and estrogen levelS

    Any connection with high estrogen levels and anxiety?
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    New Labs what do you think?

    Hey all, just had my labs done. Looking for some input and feedback. Thank You! My H&H is high, first time. My dose hasn’t changed. Doc told me to go donate or do a therapeutic phlebotomy. I’m still waiting for the ultra sensitive estradiol. I haven’t had my consult yet to go over the labs but...
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    Hello everyone

    Been coming to the site for awhile now, I figured it was time I became a member. I wanted to introduce myself and say hi.