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    Papawrat is back g

    what do you guys recomend to get a 425 bench am at 325 for 8 reps never used anything other than test e and p
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    advice on new cycle

    this is my first time blasting and cruise right now am doing 225 a week of test p i feel good no high bp finished my cycle of tren a 500 test p 800 week. any advice on what i should do for my next cycle never done orals befor so am tinking of adding one in. was tinking anadrol but am scared of...
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    tren appetite

    anyone have trouble eating on tren i only ate 2 protein shakes today and peanut butter sandwich and i had to force it down my strength on bench went up 40 pounds losing fat went up from 195 to 205 body weight am only 5 6 height
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    injection spot help

    doing everyday injections rotating shoulders glutes i try and try to do quads and evrytime i do it my leg twitches and i pull out anyone know how to properly inject quads
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    tren ace test p cycle

    how dose do you guys feel when ur on tren this is my first cycle of tren tren 500 test p 300 a week am just getting a wird taste in my mouth but no tren cough
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    went to doctor and got antibiotics anyone get dose wird stares when u told them it was b12 injections
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    prop npp cycle pain

    i just started my prop and npp cycle and my first injection on glute wasent painful when i jabed but in the night i couldent take the pain its the second day and the pain is going away the area is not red and not swolen just hurts is this normal with prop and will the pain be less with after the...
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    tren a, test p

    planing on doing a 3 cyle will be doing test p 300mg and tren 500mg should i run the test lower than the tren to get less water retention. i never have to run nolva during cycle am planning on doing arimadex during this cycle just in case this is my first time adding a second compound. do i need...
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    blood pressure

    i have just finished my 12 week cycle of test e 600mg a week my blood presure was good during cycle now that am on ptc its at 150 over 90 why is it going up on ptc
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    hgh help

    am curently in my 3 cycle was wondering how you use growth hormone and at what age would it be good to start using it how much. and what are the gains from it . or do you use igf1 i dont get it
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    test cycle

    doing a test e cycle 500mg a week should i split the shots into two instead of just one a week
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    bicep training

    i have a big problem with my biceps i got 16 1/2 inch arms i have tried evrything to grow them my triceps are the only reason why my arms are ok i got realy big triceps my biceps arent even half as big i know my arms would be at least 17 1/2 if i would bring them up i tried training them ones a...
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    second cycle

    need some advice on my second cycle was wondering if i should up the dose or leave it the same first cycle was sustanon 250 500mg a week went from 160 to 185 lost five pounds i weight 188 at the moment
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    new guy

    hello just introducing myself trained for 6 years 5 6 188 pounds looking for advice to get to 220 :D