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    help with a cut cycle using tren

    All help would be greatly appreciated, I am trying to setup a cut cycle using TREN. This would be my first time using it and not sure of everything I should use along with it to get best results. Right now I am on TEST E 500MG and DBOL 50MG ED. After PCT i was going to wait a few weeks then...
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    to fron load or not

    So I see a lot of people stating that they front load the 1st day of their new cycle . My question is should I front load or not and if I do what is the difference I will notice. I look forward to all the advice I have never front loaded or before I joined this forum been told to.
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    cycle question

    ok so I am getting ready to run a bulk cycle this will be my second cycle. The first cycle I ran for 12 weeks and it was test E 500MG a week and dbol 30 mg every day first 4 weeks and then clomid for pct.so this cycle I was thinking about adding deca and wanted to know if this would be good...
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    bitcoin question

    Hi everyone I been looking into bitcoin and watched all the videos , but I still don't understand it fully anybody use it that can give me info on how to get started. Like what wallet to use and how to add money any info would be greatly appreciated . thanks
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    New to this forum

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself . I look forward to gaining knowledge from everyone here.