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  1. Slayingmetal


    What do you guys think of adding in anadrol,superdrol or dbol instead of anavar once body fat percentage is super low to add in some fullness. I'm planning ahead of my next cycle incase the 50mg anavars are out of stock when I order.
  2. Slayingmetal

    Sb tren more potent?

    I'm 2 pins into SB's tren ace and I noticed I'm pissed off all the time lol. I finished a vial of tren from another lab I was using and I wasn't like this until I switched to sb. Literary 2 pins in and I'm a raging bull. Not really complaining. This is the only side effect I'm dealing with I...
  3. Slayingmetal

    Stairmaster question

    Today was my 1st time trying the stairmaster. I've been using the elliptical for a few months and It's been working great. I decided it was time to switch to the stairmaster to up the ante So here is my question On the elliptical I burn around 430-460 calories. Today on the stairmaster I...
  4. Slayingmetal

    Fat Sources

    What do you guys eat for your fat source? Do you have a staple food you use for fats? I've been eating almonds for a good while already. Thinking about changing it up. I like almonds cus its low in Saturated fats and I like the micronutrient profile.
  5. Slayingmetal


    Had an account on here but wasn't active Forgot the password 🙄