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    Wow...so when are we able to get our hands on this stuff? After 36 weeks, 40 percent on the higher dose grew 80 percent of their hair back. I guess one question would be would this ever become underground? And if not, I'm sure the formula closely held, I'm guessing the prices would be...
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    No One Wants to Work in Biden's America

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    Test Peak

    I've read more or less that an IM shot of test cyp peaks in about 24 hours. Similarly, test susp or TNE peaks in an hour or two. Is this correct? And test prop, how long does that take to peak? All IM.
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    Vials and Crimpers

    Does the standard test cyp 200 mg per ml have a 20 mm cap? Looking at Kebby's they have crimper compatible with flip off and not. So that means if u want a vial with flip off (makes u feel extra secure and more sterile assuming properly sterilized, I guess) u need to have one compatible with...
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    IronLion has best of everything!

    My first order with IL was awesome. My most recent order was even better!!! See my test results and take advantage of their Christmas sale! There are great sponsors on here, but I've had varied customer service. Usually good oils but bad or suspect customer service. Not IronLion! I do not...
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    Very Happy with IL

    I'm very Happy with IL. I believe these are awesome results. Couple things shown here: 1. IL Grey Tops are fire! I have been on 4 months, mostly at 2 IU per day 5 on 2 off. Before the IGF test I did one month at 3 IU 5 on 2 off (30 days). I will be ordering IL again! Interested in other...
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    New Dude

    New to TRT. Been on for about 9 months. Other than that never knew anything about it. But I was definitely low T for at least the last 5 years in my life just from getting old (approaching my 50s) and TRT definitely gave me great energy back. I was just a browser of this site for awhile and...
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    TRT and HGH

    Does anyone have good tips on how to do HGH with TRT but outside the doc's knowledge? Mainly just thinking about doing this so I can afford it. I would love to do pharma but it sounds expensive. I am 45 yo. Been on TRT for 9 months. 140 mg a week. It's been great. Lost some inches on the...