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  1. Z

    When to schedule a refeed

    How do you guys know when your absolutely need a refeed or carb up? I've been gradually dropping carbs for a month a while and dropping bf at a consistent rate. Carbs on workout days are down to 100g on leg days and 50-75 on others all peri-workout. 25 or less on non-workout days all from...
  2. Z

    Anyone ever tear an MCL

    Pretty sure I I just ruptured that mother fucker on calf raises of all fucking things. Fuck Legs were pretty toasted from lower muscle rounds today and somehow just tweaked that mfer the wrong way on some heavy calf raises and felt a pretty bad pop on the inside of the knee. Getting a referral...
  3. Z

    Mk 677

    Where does everyone buy MK 677? I used IMR for peptides and ancillaries before they closed up shop
  4. Z

    MastNPP 400

    Gotta have a major bite. And how does it hold solution with 200mg of each? I'm really interested in it but haven't seen anyone post anything about it, scrolling back a few pages. Just need to hear something before I could pull the trigger on it. Sounds too good to be true, honestly. Anyone...
  5. Z

    Christmas sale TD

    Took a minute but well worth the wait considering I only paid for half of it. The proviron is on point. Gonna be hard to wait until May to start this cycle.
  6. Z

    Basicstero TD - huge thanks to dylanvib on this one

    First off, dylanvib is an awesome rep for keeping his cool while dealing with me while we went through some hiccups with this order. I fucked up when doing the transfer to begin with then it just seemed like it snow balled with issues after that, probably all stemming from my fuck up. Dylan...
  7. Z

    NFL contest DBol TD

    Pharmacom Store came through just as they said they would with 300 10mg dbol pills. Pretty quickly and discreetly packaged. It's not letting me upload a picture right now but I already sampled 50mg :winkfinger: It's been a while since I've used dbol but 50mg of this dbol is fucking stout. I...