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    New cycle setup

    Primo has similar effects as masteron. Its great when hardening and keeping a round full effect to the muscle. My honest advice is add 1mg arimidex ED to the test. If youre unsure on clen and t3, run ECA. Just some bronkaid. Lean out. THEN add the tissue.
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    Who Here You Respect and Why..

    Basically anyone whos been here as long as i have. Montego, Vision, Heavyiron, Concept, just to name a few. I mostly just browse around here now days. Spew a little knowledge here and there if a post isnt riddled with replies yet.
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    New cycle setup

    Dont touch anavar. Dont bother with trest. Primo is pointless with your stats. Plain and simple without being rude, youre too heavy. These are prep products. Focus on your diet. Cardio. Run test at 750 a week since youre not new to cycles. Lose some weight/body fat and if the mirror changes...
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    Legit Cheque Drops

    Got a buddy in powerlifting competing at the arnolds. Let me know, thanks guys.
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    “Waist trainer”- Yay or ghey?

    Id say its best benefit is stomach control/breathing. It can train you to stay tighter in the midsection while breathing which is beneficial on stage if you compete between poses where a lot of guys let the gut hang out. Outside of that, nah it wont help with weight loss. But i have wore them...
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    Mine is at 15 on 250 a week while doing arimidex 1mg every third day. So im right in middle range, as of one week ago from bloods.
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    King labs

    Just finished a show and order a test to run at 250 a week. Ill be pulling bloods toward the end of november to see if im ready to push off season and see where it has me at.
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    You said check the forum and i said all good. Now i see. Hope all is well and wish you and yours the best man.
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    Pin frequency

    Longer esters im always a fan of m/w/f. Just me personally. Even on prep long esters tend to go to EOD.
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    Order #2x

    Ive used him since he first came on. Its the number 1 all around, for my prep, offseason, whatever. Best shit hands down
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    The Boneman

    The good ol days..
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    How to get huge the blueprint

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    GC Primo E

    Why mast and primo both? Very very similar. Kind of a waste tbh.
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    Bad Lat Injection....Maybe

    was this directed at me? Lol ive never had an issue. I also use 26g 1/2". Scar tissue is not and never has been an issue. Even with 1" 25g for arm enhancements its not bad at all. And skykilburn88 it helps me to do almost do a hand iver head pose to show the lat and then boom. Easy to see the...
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    Back The Blue! We Love Cops!

    Fuckin snowflakes
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    Bad Lat Injection....Maybe

    Ill do 2.5ml in a lat. it is by far my favorite area
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    DNP Source

    I hit you up
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    "7" Loggers needed like TODAY!

    Recomping to start a bulk with my coach. Ill do this for sure.
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    i couldnt tell you if it was the clen or tne lol but the overall alpha feeling from tne is sick. 10/10 recommend
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    Not anything out of this world. I find it harder to catch my breath because the heart rate is fast on heavy lifts. That was most noticable but not any real shakes. Also take it with 50mg if his TNE. Which is goooood shit. But i will try .6 tomorrow, thursday, for back day IM again and see how it...