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  1. Giantlab-Albert

    Local! New sale!

    Hey bros on ASF, Thank you for supporting Giant Lab as usual. New sale is going on ^-^ HGH 99% 1-2 kits: 15% off 3-5 kits: 20% off over 5kits: 25% off. HGH 98% 1-2 kits: 15% off 3-5 kits: 20% off over 5kits: 25% off. Other products All 15% off, minimum order 10vials. Plz send your inquriy...
  2. Giantlab-Albert

    Fabulous promo only for ASF bros! Giant Lab

    Hey my ASF brotha, These HGH and Peptides are now in stock in US local : HGH 99% & HGH 98% HCG 5000IU TB-500 5MG BPC-157 5MG MT2 10MG fabulous 20% discount! Send your orders to: albert@giantlab.net :cool::cool::cool:
  3. Giantlab-Albert

    10% off for every product -Giant Lab.

    Giant Lab, USA local stock!:cool: Now offer 10% OFF for every product. Deadline: The end of May. PM me or email me for your order. Albert, albert@giantlab.net
  4. Giantlab-Albert

    Giant Lab GH, Buy 2 to get 1 free.

    Hi all bros. Giant Lab restarts HGH buy 2kits to get 1 kit free! No order quantity limited. Only 10 seats. If you would like to join in and matches these conditions, post at http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/showthread.php/86846-Giant-Lab-GH-Buy-2-to-get-1-free 1, new customer of Giant Lab...
  5. Giantlab-Albert

    Giant Lab

    Buy peptides&HGH: https://giantlab.net/ Contact me: Albert@giantlab.net Check sponsor subforum: http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/forumdisplay.php/233-Giant-Lab
  6. Giantlab-Albert

    Giant Lab X'mas Sale!

    *20% off* - Peptides &HGH @Giant Lab Website Coupon Code: "ASF-GL20" for this Chrismas Sale:Using"ASF-GL20"to enjoy 20% off discount on https://giantlab.net/ Link: https://giantlab.net/ You can also PM me or send email to Albert@giantlab.net for placing order. If you want to order several...
  7. Giantlab-Albert

    --Halloween Sale-- Local shipping and Worldwide Shipping

    Hey ASF bros, Halloween sales BIG discounts begin today! Local shipping and worldwide shipping available. PM or Email me your orders. Thanks. http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/forumdisplay.php/233-Giant-Lab GL: Albert@giantlab.net http://giantlab.net/