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  1. Ironbrother

    What PED have you tried in the past and said “never again!”?

    Mine gotta be MK677. I ran it for 3 months and my brain chemistry altered so bad where i had panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and thinking process. I never had any of these until 2 1/2 months in on MK677
  2. Ironbrother

    Ever pin a spot and you just can't get the oil to come out now matter how hard you push?

    i would use a Lacrosse ball, tennis ball is too soft brother. Roll it out, and minimum time under rolling is 30secs, anything under it doesn't do anything.
  3. Ironbrother

    Appetite stimulant

    Anadrol makes me hungry but sometimes it doesn't make me hungry. It depends on the cycle. Honestly you really have to train yourself to eat. My friends and especially me had to train ourselves to eat 6-10 meals a day. Its not easy that's for sure. 3 out of 10 meals is shakes so that does help...
  4. Ironbrother

    Post music that’s yor feeling.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-3kJcBfQ9w GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS MOTHERFUCKERS. ITS HEAVY PUSH DAY
  5. Ironbrother

    Anyone Else Enjoy Watching this stuff??

  6. Ironbrother

    Reintroduction/bop orphan

    welcome back
  7. Ironbrother

    New member

  8. Ironbrother

    Another Newbie here....

  9. Ironbrother

    Post music that’s yor feeling.

  10. Ironbrother

    Post music that’s yor feeling.

  11. Ironbrother

    Dark Meat

  12. Ironbrother

    Not new but been quiet

  13. Ironbrother

    N00b here, looking for some help

    Welcome to ASF
  14. Ironbrother

    Back at it

    Welcome back brotha
  15. Ironbrother


    Welcome to ASF
  16. Ironbrother

    Back from retirement age 35 noob help

    Welcome to ASF
  17. Ironbrother

    New guy

    Welcome to ASF
  18. Ironbrother

    New Member

    Welcome back brotha!
  19. Ironbrother

    Good day, gentlemen.

    Welcome to ASF
  20. Ironbrother

    New member

    Welcome to ASF