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  1. fnlappch

    Honwestminster (house of nutrition)

    Honwestminster.com Anybody have any experience with these guys? They have a very interesting selection, wanted to try a few things, couldn’t find anything on here about them.
  2. fnlappch

    Mastery Pharmaceuticals?

    Anybody ever heard of this ugl? I ended up with some of their anavar, clomid, nolva- and a few other random things. Got it for practically nothing in a little trade deal. No clue if it’s legit, can’t find anything on them.
  3. fnlappch

    Organon Sustanon 250

    Hey guys, just curious if any of you have experience using Sustanon 250 ampoules from Organon? I always figured buying amps would be the safest bet - but lately I've been reading they get commonly faked also. Anyway, the reason I ask... I've used an Indian vendor for around 5 years for non aas...
  4. fnlappch

    Tadalafil Source

    Looking for some recommendations for a new rc source, is anyone still taking CC payments? In the past I’ve used AR-R, Blue Sky, and Iron Dragon. Blue sky worked, but seemed under dosed, ar-r was good - kind of pricey. I prefer Iron Dragon, is the e-check method secure? Open to any...
  5. fnlappch


    I havent ordered from any chem sites in a long time, what's the general consensus on Iron Dragon? Was looking to try their clomid and tadafil(bonerjamz). I've always used ar-r/rui, but the prices seem to be getting way too high unless they have a strong sale going on. Thanks
  6. fnlappch

    Source Help

    Was hoping some of you guys wouldn't mind helping out a n00b on a couple things. The research chem site I was using recently went tits up/got pinched from what I'm hearing (EvolvedRS) Mainly looking for a replacement for a couple items, I was getting their capped cia, clomid, and nolva from...
  7. fnlappch

    Another Noob

    Hey guys, I've been lurking for awhile finally decided to join in on the fun. I've been training for many years now, new to the anabolic world though, just looking to take in as much info as I can, and hopefully contribute someday.