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  1. J

    This company doesn’t right their wrongs….

    I made an order with this company some time ago ( a few months ago ) was sent the wrong order. After many back and forths I was forced to give up. No reship or at least a discount was offered for their mistake. I’ve been with asf when they were ironmaglabs and I can’t sleep well until I call...
  2. J

    Are you guys still around

    I’ve sent a few emails without a response
  3. J


    Hey what’s up Rehh? I can’t seem to pm you will you pm me. I need to discuss a recent order.
  4. J

    Covid Vaccine!?!?!

    Hey what’s up fuckers? I’ve been reading into some info on the never before used mRNA vaccines that are beginning to roll out. I can’t help but get a bad feeling about all of this. From my minimal research I’ve found out that this type of vaccine actually changes your dna. Not just for you but...
  5. J

    Hair loss

    What’s up guys! I just turned 32 and I’m starting to notice thinning of the hair on top of my head. I want to know what has worked for you guys and what hasn’t for combatting this. If I gotta shave it I gotta shave it 🤷🏽 Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. J

    GC is the shit

    Got to give a shout out once again to gear church. Best customer service in the business and had some extra surprises this time.
  7. J

    First show!!!

    Hey guys about to sign up for my first show. I’m 235lb 5”11”right now and planning on doing the show in about three months. I’m gonna do classic cause I feel I would fit best there. I’ve been doin this for ten years pretty passionately and would like to see how I do. I’m very lean and vascular...
  8. J

    Holy fuck don’t train your wife’s friends!!!!

    So my wife wanted me to train her friend. They are both nurses and work together. So I trained them together and apart. She is a very sexy young 20s girl and was very determined so I enjoyed training her. One evening after training my wife invited her over for a few drinks. Next thing you know...
  9. J


    Has pretty much everyone stopped selling DNP I can’t find it anywhere
  10. J

    Tips on building a bigger chest?

    Hey what's up guys wanted to know if anyone else has difficulties building chest. I have long arms and that may have something to do with it so I've heard. I've put a little more size recently by throwing up more weight and upping the intensity. I've heard half reps or coming down a couple...
  11. J

    Prami sides

    Hey what's up guys I've been having some high prolactin sides and was going to take some prami to lower it. I've used it in the past and have also used caber many times but don't want to go through the hassle of getting caber and I already have prami on hand. I start low with prami and work my...
  12. J

    Don't usually do this but!

    Don't usually review for only service without knowing quality but gotta say gear church is great with customer service and response time was in minutes. I'm pretty impressed. I'll try to update on quality of cialis and mast/test/tren mix when I find out.
  13. J

    Dnp, eca, and t3 anyone dare

    I know that dnp and even eca can be dangerous on its own especially dnp as the lethal dose and the effective dose are very close in relation and what can be the effective dose in some can be Lethal in others. That being said I know that all three of these can be synergistic and I wanted to know...
  14. J

    Liter bike

    Anyone here ride a 1000 cc sport bike? I've had experience with a 600 and a little with a 750 but I wanted to get an experienced riders opinion on the jump from a 750 to a liter. Probably going to get a bike here in the next few months
  15. J

    How to make a delicious gluten free, sugar free, fat free, vegan dish

  16. J

    AI at it again!!!!!!!!!!

    Tera Test 1000mg per ml is the big guy in the IA SUPER PHARMA range and the most potent of our combination mass gainers utilizing the properties of 500mg Testosterone Cypionate and 500mg Testosterone enanthate.
  17. J

    Chest pin gyno?

    I'm usually the guy that get away with taking almost no ai but the first time I pinned my chest I got gyno. Cleared that up and happened again 2 more times. Could this be because it's so close to the nipple itself.
  18. J

    More Clen ?s

    im on week 2 of clen of a 4 week cycle for a vacation and I was wondering what the clen experts would do? Take keto for a week(don't want to do this because I'll have to order it), take Benadryl for a week or just take clen and fuck the receptors. I have t3 but don't want to loose muscle.
  19. J

    Clen cycling

    How do you cycle your clen? 2 days on 2 days off, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, or just smash it for a month.
  20. J

    Trestolone ment

    So by the end of the week I will have some ment for the first time. To those that have done it will I know it legit by the feel of it or will it be very hard to tell. I'm sure it's faked with test prop because of the similarity it has with testosterone. Would I be able to tell the difference...