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  1. bar_belle

    Philosophical Question - Chic Pics

    Why do you guys get so hungry for women to post pics on board when there are plenty of hot pics on the net. You don't even have to ask. They have faces w huge boobs. Muscles if you want them. Not a problem to find your find your bretherfems hot, mind you, just genuine curiosity. Thanks!
  2. bar_belle

    Bar_Belle's HARD WORK PAYS OFF Training Log

    Hi, everybody! I have missed the posting the grind. Made some choices that lead to some changes. Just like life. This is an unsponsored log. Focus is on the work. :) My goals have not changed. Here they are to recap from 7 weeks ago: Goals for this log Increase muscle mass Lower body...
  3. bar_belle

    Clothes - New Reality

    I need some help. Where do I go for nice T -Shirts that will be roomy enough for shoulders and back? Right now I'm too big in shoulders for women's XL. I can wear men's L. I just would like better color selection than green black and red. Thank you! Sent from outer space
  4. bar_belle

    Bar_Belle's AY Cycle Log - Mean Lean & Green

    AY Cycle Log 12 Weeks Let's get this party started! Very excited to go through my first log and first run of these goodies with you guys. First I'll give you some background. I'm 47 years old and have the ambition of earning my Pro Card in Masters Figure. I have competed, placed, and or...
  5. bar_belle

    Gun Fight - JD Style

    JerseyDevil's avi inspired me. Here's my best JD.
  6. bar_belle

    Blast & Cruise 101

    Would someone explain what Blast and Cruise is, please? How big is blast and for how long. How long is cruise? Do you then blast again? If you know of a good thread that answers, I can go look there. Thanks! :)
  7. bar_belle

    Forum Input - Helping my Cousin w Diet

    Here's background: She had her 1st baby 8 weeks ago. Young, healthy. About 5'6" weight 155lbs (I'm guessing). I asked her for an honest food diary over 3 days. It's not that bad. I was hoping for more junk food that I could tell her not to eat. Thoughts? Friday: B: 2 eggs, 1/2 link...
  8. bar_belle

    Leg Day Love

    Love Legs! They are the most challenging to grow for me. BUT I get the best high afterwards. Slight aphrodisiac, too :) What's your fav? Sent from outer space
  9. bar_belle

    Bumperstickers - Gotta love it.

    hope it works...
  10. bar_belle

    What's Your Ideal BF% For Gains

    Guy or gals...I'm sitting at 15% and making progress. May dial that down to 13%. Interested in learning about what works for you.
  11. bar_belle

    Hello - New Chica

    Stepping over from IMF to say "hi!" I'm an NPC Competitor. Spending the next year sculpting and growing for Masters. I look forward to reading more posts about training and all that it can encompass…and what all the acronyms/lingo flying around mean.