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    Back when I was doing heavy cycles and injecting high volume it was 23-25g pins. Even with rotating injection sites I had plenty of scar tissue over the years. Nowadays with only TRT at 120mg a week, I use 29g slin pins exclusively. Slow but no scar tissue whatsoever.
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    Our brother ROID

    Roid was a good guy. Life threw him some curve balls, and he had some demons, but he is now at peace. He was a long time poster at IMF, before ASF was even started. He viewed himself as a forum character whose name happened to be ROID, and viewed his posts as all in good fun. At one time he...
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    Dante Trudel

    I don't think Dante ever professed he invented the techiques used in Doggcrapp training. He simply took a fresh approach to rest pause training, incorporating deep breathing, and extreme stretching. It actually started on a bodybuilding forum, I don't remember which one, where he posted his...
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    question about investing

    I'm close to retirement so I'm keeping money in stocks, but increasing my allocations in high yield bonds and foreign stocks.
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    Been a while...5 years at least...

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    Problems aspirating

    This is spot on. It used to be standard practice to aspirate before an IM injection, but years ago Nursing schools stopped teaching this practice because it was unnecessary, and in many cases caused more PIP.
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    Name 3 movies that you are 100% certain that you seen 10 x or more..And go! (Free treat)

    Gran Torino Caddyshack Taken Are 3 more I really like :)
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    Name 3 movies that you are 100% certain that you seen 10 x or more..And go! (Free treat)

    Mine are: My Cousin Vinny Gladiator Shawshank Redemption
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    What is the worst steroid for your hair?

    For me it's masteron and primo
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    Anadrol and females

    Some women do very well with winstrol
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    Over 40 section?

    Most of you guys think you are noticing changes at 40, wait until you get to your 60's :). My strength peaked around 50, and it's been downhill from there. Years of heavy lifting left me with screwed up knees, arthritic elbows, and rotator cuff issues one requiring surgery to repair a full...
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    Reddog's over 40 don't do what i did thread

    So imagine how I felt at 14ng/dl lol
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    Reddog's over 40 don't do what i did thread

    During that time did you ever check your total test? The way you describe it I'm betting you were at a ridiculously low number like me. Like you said, chemically castrated.
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    Members Hall of Fame

    He left for other reasons beyond that though. Do you remember why he was considered a legend? He pretty much was THE guy who showed people thru the internet how to convert Finaplex pellets to pure tren ace long before it was readily available. Basskiller's only issue was he was far more...
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    Members Hall of Fame

    Basskiller for sure. He was a legend. That should be a lesson here. Members pissed on him in The Pit because you know, you can say anything you want in the Pit right? I know for a fact he left here because of the stupid bullshit.
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    Reddog's over 40 don't do what i did thread

    I think I have you beat in the "don't do what I did" department. I took quite a different path then most guys here. I started weight training to "get in shape" when I was 34. After getting more dedicated a few years later, while making decent progress I felt like I should have been farther...
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    Crypto investing

    So does Coinbase send you a 1099-MISC? I understand you only need to report it if it's $600 or more of gains. Is that correct?
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    My doctor want to put me on Blood Pressure medication. Help.

    I am so glad someone pointed this out. It's amazing to me guys who are willing to inject kitchen/bathroom brew gear (and yes most UGL on this forum are exactly that), unknown quality Chinese GH, and every 'research' chem that comes down the pike, not to mention tren which has never been...
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    Chronic Kidney Disease....CKD

    This is exactly what you should do, see a specialist and hopefully they can get you on the right track. While your eGFR is averaging below 60, estimating GFR with creatinine-based equations can substantially underestimate GFR. This is due to the relationship between serum creatinine and...
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    Should I take the plunge?

    The funny part to me was most were concerned about drinking being unhealthy, yet looked right past you taking a steady dose of superdrol for 1 to 2 years, like that's ok. LOL