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    Proper pct after 12 week cycle of test prop 525 mg per week.

    How did you taper down? I'm planning on same cycle but with tbol all 14 weeks.
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    What are the steps when receiving a seizure letter?

    Just pm dannie now. Thanks
  3. R

    What are the steps when receiving a seizure letter?

    Just Basicstero on Monday and once on their website. But Monday May I ask who is them? I have not pm dannie.. seems like this is the guy to help... Thanks. I really want to try their tren
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    What are the steps when receiving a seizure letter?

    What is the protocol when you want to take up Basicstero on their reshipment policy? I have used their site and tried pm. Forgive me but this is my first package seized and unaware of how reshipments work
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    How long is normal for customs processing?

    I order from pharmacom when they had half off amps. It's been stuck about a month and a half now. Was going to be my first run with tren. .
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    Who's Your Favorite Source ATM

    How many fuken times are you going to spam your fuken referral link your desperate fuk
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    Drugs Gear ( Pharmacom Amps ? )

    Your desperation to post your referral link is unappealing..
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    Pharmalady ?

    I saw $18 test. Hmm. I do t want to find out the hard way on how much pip $18 test has...
  9. R

    Fake Omnitrope

    Honestly.... Very.. we inject who knows into our bodies. For what? Perfection? A better workout?
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    $5 dollar auction!!!!

  11. R

    h-aS Pharma

    WTF.... Hmmm
  12. R

    h-aS Pharma

    For my first run with tren, I wanted to use them. Don't want to try the tren beast and throw it all out because I can't handle the sides
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    Bitcoin questions...

    Where are you all doing your WU at? I go to Walgreens and do it on a computer. All they do is take payment. Never been asked for id or to prove anything. I make up stuff or use my real name all the time. But it is rather expensive. Maybe Bitcoin is cheaper. That I don't know.
  14. R


    What was the other reps name? Dylan? He is still around? He seemed to be helpful imo Lol at post above me^^^^
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    Test Base $15, Primo $37

    Why is you sale no more popular? Do people not like amps? Or because the 50% off joke that was in the pit?
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    Thought on H-AS

    Let's see how this thread turns out when your high rate source scammed me. It's not about defending h-as, its about proving your circle jerk
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    When did you find your purpose ?

    This guy has a point. Only with true purpose, obviously without saying how raising their kids is real purpose, won't be on this board. You logic does not make sense. At best, most of us, raise our kids to the best of our abilities. Stop getting high OP Side note. Don't ban me till I have a...
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    Thought on H-AS

    go to the safe mail web site and all should be answered
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    Thought on H-AS

    wow, not good. I ordered from a domestic source here and nothing aren't you the one that ordered a shit load of gear from them and your arm almost fell off? I could be wrong and would hate to discredit H-as if it was not their gear side note: i have ordered orals from them with no issue...
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    If you are not jacking it to the Express thread,you are.....

    well not on a high enough test......me, i prefer prop I am a thread killer. Lets see how this does