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  1. goatfishtwo

    Goatfishtwo's Beginner Bodybuilding Program.

  2. goatfishtwo

    Goatfishtwo's Beginner Bodybuilding Program.

    When i wrote this I basically just wrote what I was doing and what was working well. Chest on Friday was honestly mainly because everyone and their mother does chest on Monday so my partner and I had switched it to Friday.
  3. goatfishtwo

    Awesome new injection spot:-/

    Would it kill you to look at an anatomy chart? That is your front deltoid or anterior deltoid. Also, why the fuck would you do an injection while you're flexing?
  4. goatfishtwo

    Bodyfat % while bulking???

    If you can't see your abs in the offseason, you're not a bodybuilder.
  5. goatfishtwo

    What gear should i get?!

    You should try getting that body fat down first.
  6. goatfishtwo

    Agent Yes VS AUEXIS

    Auexis is a fantastic source. Since no one had anything to say about them.
  7. goatfishtwo

    First order with Olympus

    So... Anyone hear from the OP about this order?
  8. goatfishtwo


    deep squats
  9. goatfishtwo

    Cruising Combinations

    Vascularity must've been absolutely awesome.
  10. goatfishtwo

    Simply_Michael log featuring Goatfishtwo's Beginner Bodybuilding Program

    This sincerely depresses me.
  11. goatfishtwo

    MLG Test E Labs

    That seems like a lot.
  12. goatfishtwo

    I want to apologize to all

    Family > Everything
  13. goatfishtwo

    Way to much cloudy gear and it needs to stop

    Props to you for saying this.
  14. goatfishtwo

    Cutting cycle questions

    So much sense is being made in this thread.
  15. goatfishtwo

    Just insane!!!

    How's the strength increase? And what sorts of food are you feeding yourself like a horse with? Ahh I commend you on this I would never run orals by themselves. I guess the closest I'd go to that it maybe running a few weeks of dbol or adrol in between blasts while on cruise dose to get that...
  16. goatfishtwo

    Create the body of your dreams!

    I feel like we have no real bodybuilding fans in here. This is a neat idea guys, lets participate.
  17. goatfishtwo


  18. goatfishtwo

    Create the body of your dreams!

    We are from the same state.