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Search results

  1. J-MO

    Witch labs you prefer? Tell us top 3?

    I'm extremely happy with SB Labs. 😎 Service is quick, packaging was solid, and the stuff is amazingly smooth.
  2. J-MO

    SB Labs Top Notch Service

    I cracked open a bottle of the Test C a week ago. I did a milliliter in my quad's, zero pain, super smooth. This stuff is better than the stuff I was getting from my doctor. I can't wait to jump back into the game. I have a doctor's appointment March 5th, then it's on.
  3. J-MO

    SB Labs Top Notch Service

    For sure man, definitely great gear here. I'll be ordering from you guys again here soon 💯% I just came off a run at the end of November. Will be back to the races at the end of January. I need to get a few other things from SB Labs. Really happy with your service, thank you for being SOLID! 😎
  4. J-MO

    SB Labs Top Notch Service

    Just wanted to give a good review of SB Labs. They're service is really great. I put in an order (mod edit) and it arrived very quickly- I'm definitely happy with their products and prices.
  5. J-MO

    SB Labs 🏋‍♂️"Chronicles of SeattlesBest"🏋‍♂️ Primo, Test, Deca🔥

    This is 💯% the best way to get your protein, carbohydrates, and fats down fast. I started blending up meals this summer. There just comes a point where eating sucks. I got the new 1500 watt NutriBullet. I love this thing. People around me think I'm weird AF doing it. But like you guys said it's...
  6. J-MO

    1st time Tren user review!

    Take a 100mg of Seroquel at night before bedtime. You'll sleep like a baby and the rage and out of control emotions goes away, instantly.
  7. J-MO

    What did you inject today? 💉

    125 mg Test C 100 mg Tren A Daily
  8. J-MO

    SB Labs 🏋‍♂️"Chronicles of SeattlesBest"🏋‍♂️ Primo, Test, Deca🔥

    Man you have some solid gains for sure. I really don't know much about Tren Hex. But it looks like your killing it. Your diet is absolutely hilarious 3 lbs of ground beef a day lol. Your workout routine is pretty good too.
  9. J-MO


    I've never had trouble with getting the cough with Tren A. It's Tren E that gets me. Tren A is always a lighter yellow. Tren E is a lot darker almost brown. If in two weeks you aren't sleeping on beach blankets cause your soaking the bed and you're not getting insane pumps, then maybe you have...