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  1. Progress

    Superdrol - Experiences? Kick in time?

    Sdrol is amazing and you feel it pretty much same day. I can see results in 2-3 days. That and Tren my favorites.
  2. Progress

    Superdrol log & Tits

    You guys think 1 week off, water only, liver support/Tudca is good before vacation? Day 16 now on 20mg. Feel great and this stuff is legit....
  3. Progress

    Superdrol log & Tits

    2 weeks in... On the grill yesterday back pump sucked. Still no bad sides, last couple days 15mg/day. Guess time to do 20mg/day. Have a vacation coming up and want to have some drinks. Think 1 week off and a ton of water is enough before vacation? This pic was me being the designated driver...
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    AAS that Control Estrogen

    I pop a Letro anytime my nips start feeling weird. I don't take a AI daily.
  5. Progress

    Superdrol log & Tits

    For the Alkaline Phosphatase I found the following info on Google. Have any supplements you guy's recommend? Or just anything on Amazon? -The diet containing phosphorus, healthy fats, Zn, vitamin B12 and vitamin A can be started to increase alkaline phosphatase level.
  6. Progress

    Superdrol log & Tits

    Red Cross, probably worth more since its pure blood. (No vax!)
  7. Progress

    And another new old guy

  8. Progress

    New old guy

  9. Progress

    Superdrol log & Tits

    Forgot the bloods.
  10. Progress

    Superdrol log & Tits

    Bloods are in. This test was done 1 week after starting Superdrol. Looks like RBC/Crit high so need to donate some blood. What needs to be done about the alkaline phosphatase? Feeling and looking solid on 10mg Sdrol. Thinking this week bump it up to 15mg/day. Is 20mg really worth it? Will get...
  11. Progress

    🍺🍺Bud Light🍺🍺

  12. Progress

    Trans Movement

    Luckily I can speed read. I just lose interest anything more than 2 or 3 lines.
  13. Progress

    Your all boring AF liberals!

    That profile pic is nasty.... I don't like Arby's either.
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    Trans Movement

    You talk too much. -Reasons that someone may talk excessively include mental health disorders, personality characteristics, and personality disorders. Excessive talking can create a social burden for both the talking person and their listeners.
  15. Progress

    Superdrol log & Tits

    Day 8 Feel great, no bad sides and strength is up. Only bad news is dropped another lb, even with a couple cheat meals. Definitely looking cut/bigger. Getting hard to sub pin GH on stomach and love handles. Might have to start doing IM.
  16. Progress

    Why did Trump go on Fox News Bret Baier show??

    Biden is the best president in the history of United States. ☕️ Anyone ever see someone wearing a Biden hat? That's like finding a picture of Michelle Obama pregnant.
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    Where are all the OGs at?

    Maybe the mods should un ban a few of the OGs so they can return.
  18. Progress

    Why did Trump go on Fox News Bret Baier show??

    I can't listen to someone that has a rainbow flag in their avatar. 🍿 How many booster shots are you on? ☕️
  19. Progress

    Older guy questions.

    Been on legit GH for about 3 months. I know they say it takes 6 months but I don't think so. Feel real good all around and knees feel way better.