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    What's your rep range - Red or white?

    I respond best to the 4-6 range but the older I get and the more life stressors I deal with between work and kids, it's gotten harder to recover from.
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    You got knocked the ___ out!

    Same as the first. Told him he was about to "fuck him up" and got too close for comfort. Don't talk/act threatening toward innocent people and you don't go to sleep on the concrete like these guys
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    You got knocked the ___ out!

    I'm assuming someone acting like that is already ready to go. I'm gonna try my best not to engage so I'm never squaring up and telling him let's go. But as soon as you raise your hand/finger/fist at me, that's go time. Not much honor in a street fight, end it as fast as possible
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    You got knocked the ___ out!

    He clearly turned around and walked a few steps toward the guy and was putting his finger in his face when he got knocked out. How is that a sucker punch? Does admin pay you to be disagreeable to drive traffic/posts?
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    What would you do

    Bro, you already did this once before if I remember correctly. Do it again but don't pick it back up this time. It's a pattern man. And as soon as you're over the kratom, you'll be looking to do a big cycle to get those dopamine levels back up and you'll be asking how to deal with the side...
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    Life/lifting log. Sober. Tren/test.

    Congrats on getting sober 10-13 workouts a week is a lot. I know you're fresh but that's gonna get harder and harder to recover from the stronger and deeper you get into the weeks. Add in a lot more rest if performance drops too fast
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    Just How Poor or Rich..??

    Born to teenage parents without a dime to their names. They worked their asses off and by middle school we were pretty comfortable and probably a little spoiled compared to most but my dad instilled a pretty good work ethic and we do pretty well now. My kids have definitely had it better than I...
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    BrainStiring School Solutions

    Put armed guards at every school and stop fucking around with our money. Or come take em
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    Getting wife pregnant on trt

    I wasn't on any HCG this time. I knocked her up in early 2021 using 500ius HCG and 125mg test cyp every 5th day but she miscarried. We pretty much stopped trying and I stopped using HCG but we found out she was pregnant shortly after the new year 2022.
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    Non-Caucasian Tranny Executes 14 kids

    I mourn the children we may have lost, but I won't lay down my guns. If they cared about our kids, they'd guard the schools instead of laundering our tax money. They want us to willingly legislate ourselves into an unarmed society. They don't want to take them. They want us to give them up...
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    Non-Caucasian Tranny Executes 14 kids

    We protect everyone else we deem valuable with multiple armed guards but we give each school 1 resource officer. My county is building a million dollar baseball field after putting in hundreds of thousands worth of turf on the football field a couple years ago. And my kids are athletes just not...
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    UNDENIABLE proof GOP led Capitol tour for TRUMPERS day before INSURRECTION.

    Do you think we'll still be a free country when your grandkids are in their 30s?
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    UNDENIABLE proof GOP led Capitol tour for TRUMPERS day before INSURRECTION.

    He's either just here to troll or he's not smart enough to grasp this.
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    UNDENIABLE proof GOP led Capitol tour for TRUMPERS day before INSURRECTION.

    Someone should Ashley babbitt your account
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    Why is There a Baby Formula Shortage?

    Do what we say or your baby doesn't eat