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  1. zionoir626

    Nand blend

    Hell..I'd love a Nor 19 blend like Sustanon.. Keep the Deca at 25-50mgs just for joints.. NPP around 100mgs And a nice ester just a bit longer than NPP....CYP maybe.. Round the doses for a 3x a/wk pin schedule.. Thoughts?? Z...
  2. zionoir626

    Rod's Chest..??

    Glad my Friend is back and things are looking UP..We poke fun,just to kid..mainly trying to lighten things UP.. Most know my plight..and Rod has Always been there for Me..Others have joined and have helped ME,in many Ways.. I distance myself from my grown children..to protect them..There's...
  3. zionoir626

    10 months

    DHB is a nice replacement for Tren for older guys..nice results without a ton of Sides.. I've ran it with Test and NPP.. And hope to run it again soon.. If you run Tren above 50...be mindful of ALL Markers..stay safe..I have a 3 yr old bottle I'll never use.. How was the Run..?? Tomorrow will...
  4. zionoir626

    Texas Senator Sues DPS..

    This is how stupid our Government has become..Everyone,pretty much knows who's to Blame for Robb Elementary School disaster..DPS released evidence after evidence..then Video..and a still photo,showing cops in the Hall outside classrooms 111 and 112..with Rifles and ONE Shield..Also...stated the...
  5. zionoir626

    What’s in your headphones?

    NIN Ozzy Disturbed Mega Death... Z...
  6. zionoir626

    Advice TRT to next step

    Get checked from Head to Head..labs..bloods..A1C..Tri's.. Before anything..if you have Anything OFF.. Why..?? HGH HINT... If you have anything growing,that's Not good..HGH will make it grow faster TOO.. If at 44, jumping on gear without first being thoroughly checked OUT..Not Wise.. I've eaten...
  7. zionoir626

    God damnit

    Maybe he rubbed those bottles on that Angry Red Hole OR he didn't wash his hands after breast feeding..I hear breast milk can remove labels.. LoL Z...
  8. zionoir626

    10 months

    Have you ran DHB before..?? A nice alternative to Tren low sides.. Z...
  9. zionoir626


    I've used ACE...never a problem..not one! I strongly recommend them.. What's Important to ME... Quality Products... proper dosing.. good communication...and a painless process.. ACE does all of that..Well.. Z...
  10. zionoir626

    Has anyone done Test cycle at 300mg/week?

    Yeah the prolactin is a Q..mark.. I'd recommend using a different brand..if that doesn't make any difference...then where..?? Get Bloods.. Z...
  11. zionoir626

    10 months

    Today is that Day... Stock up on those anti-inflammatories..lol Ebson Salt will be your newest best friend..lol.. Z...
  12. zionoir626

    Winner winner!

    Sponsor Someone..!! You have definitely have come out swinging..and many..including myself..have noticed.. Keep up the great job.. Happy you're HERE.. Z...
  13. zionoir626

    Excited & Thankful to be here

    Welcome... Z...
  14. zionoir626

    New member

    Well..you found the Right place.. Welcome... Z..
  15. zionoir626

    10 months

    Yeah...F that..I hate starving..did enough when growing up..poor AF.. Good to see you back around BigDaddy..Cane..lol Just the other day..we were fighting..now friends..crazy ass FORUM.. Try Brother to find something that you enjoy..you will do it more often..cardio doesn't have to be...