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  • Hey man I put an order in on uncleZ Sunday night. Got a notification Monday that the payment was picked up. Haven’t got another email yet.
    Are u all set ?
    Hey brother thinking about placing the order I really need some nolvadex ASAP I was wondering if you guys have any discount codes for new customers
    There is a email there the site and you will get a confirmation email within 24 hours after submitting your order. It doesn't matter what sender tou choose btw.
    Hello. I just placed my first order with uncleZ and I am a little confused on how to proceed with paying with WU. On the site it lists 3 names of receivers. Does it matter which one I choose to send payment to? Also how do I email them after payment to give them the 10 digit conformation #. There is no email address provided. Thanks for your help
    Money gram has been acting up with many ppl and sponsors now so we made the decision to pull it for now. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Hi, I’m new here and apologize in advance if this question is inappropriate but I’ve ordered from unclez many times without issue but this time I noticed payment via MG isn’t available . I contacted them but no reply . Any suggestions
    Hey man saw your post on bundy log about tren for me cause he recommended and blend you guys carry. Going to check it out. Have to get settled then get on some with my trt
    Did you ever figure out how to administer your formestane from MJR? Was it orally or topical? And what dosage did you find as a sweet spot for AI purposes? Thank you
    I just recently placed an order with unclezru
    I can not find a way to contact them from the site? I can not find the contact form that you send with the order. Tried to email but kicks back.any suggestions? This is my second order. I problem first time?
    I doubt your interested but I have 10 Scirrox Somatropin 100iu gh kits. I paid 230$, that's all I'm wanting back and I'll take it in trade. I can send pics with the batch and lot number and literally send the to you so you could check them out before sending anything, if you need some gh or could unload
    Are international service is the fastest here 7-14 days. Domestic is real fast 3-5 days and quality is 100% guarantee
    Hate to be a skeptic but I would just like some peace of mind. I have a friend who used to order international and was very happy with your products and service. I'm trying to order US domestic, but he's telling me what I'll get will surely be lesser quality if I even get it at all. He also said he had to wait 4-6 weeks for his stuff which is typical of overseas orders. But what can I expect out of domestic orders? Thank you so much -serggio
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