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    FARMA*TON TV: Best Film Fights!👊💥Post'em here ⬇️

    Oh yeah this is a classic! One of the best (real look) fight scenes ever!
  2. weakback

    Adrol/dbol blend in stock

    If you use it as just a pre workout and in moderate doses you can use them as long as you want.
  3. weakback

    For a list and oders( please read)

    I understand what your saying. I've been using different payment options for eighteen years now with no problems on either side. Depends on the individual everyone has there own deal.
  4. weakback

    For a list and oders( please read)

    How about expanding your payment options.
  5. weakback


    is DG site down or is something wrong on my end?
  6. weakback

    TD !!! and hands down service 🙌🏼

    Great service. DG is the best when it comes to customer service! He is very consistent from start to finish.
  7. weakback

    Went to Walmart pharmacy for 25g pins...were they lying?

    Yeah online I get a box of 100 for under $30.
  8. weakback

    Back to DG [emoji106]

    Yes he is the man when it comes to service. The Best!
  9. weakback

    ZPHC Anavar Stock?

    They have the ZPHC anavar tabs in a bottle is there a difference?
  10. weakback

    They walk among us

    I'm speechless. I can't believe this guy is injecting filtered water. He's actually drawing out of an open gallon!??
  11. weakback

    My PSL stash for the imminent lockdown

    Scratch this post. For some reason I that you were talking about C.I.M. I fucked up!
  12. weakback

    My PSL stash for the imminent lockdown

    Don't know about the USPS deal but I've used C.O.D with a company for a long time.I think I can mention them since they unfortunately got busted several years back. TNT, there gear was dynamite! LOL
  13. weakback

    My PSL stash for the imminent lockdown

    Other than CIBA DBOL which I missed out on and only read stories about, the Russian Akrikhin DBOL was the best. Which happens to be the first DBOL I ever had!
  14. weakback

    Gear Church TD

    Saying it took five days is no problem! You gave no exact dates.
  15. weakback

    Where to find British dispensaries or March blue heart dbol.

    Why is that. Don't these companies manufacture them anymore?